Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How a Giant Search Engine Becomes Something Else.

Julian Assange has a few interesting things to say about a rather powerful search engine.  It behooves us to read what he has to say:



Anonymous said...

That was a very interesting article.

Of course, it was published in Newsweek.

I imagine that if you googled "CIA controls Newsweek" you'd find some articles that were just as interesting.

Not surprising that Gov't propaganda/influence/intellegence has infected the big guys on the net as well.

Its everywhere. Wasn't there something about a head of CIA whose brother was a Cardinal of the Church? Or am I typing in green ink?

Anonymous said...

I found the Newsweek article meandering, full of gristle but little meat. Should we expect otherwise? Newsweek aren't going to tell us 'peasants' anything of real significance. Their job is to mislead us and make us feel impotent and in awe of the 'suits'. If we common folk are going to achieve anything worthwhile for our folk and families we must strike out on fresh paths and not stick to the carefully prepared dead-ends the elites are beckoning us to travel down.
PS Is Julian Assange part of the 'controlled opposition'? Would any savvy person willingly let any one even remotely associated with the sinister Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) into their home / workplace!!

Aged parent said...


I have heard that about Assange before, but I thought this article would both interest and amuse you:


It was written by Israel Shamir, one of the best-informed journalists on the net.

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