Thursday, June 26, 2014


The New Face of Murder, Incorporated

Murder and arrogance, personified
May we hope that Americans are paying attention to this story?

And this follow up?

The two cretins pictured above will one day be gone and forgotten, and new cretins will replace them just as surely as Mary's little lamb followed Mary, but the despotism they are setting up, merely a continuation of the Bush, Clinton, LBJ policies, will continue apace.  They are mad as their actions show clearly, and their madness will take down an entire nation.  They are working on two fronts against the populace: destroying their sense of decency and morality by their support for sodomy, abortion and other evils and militarily by trying to quite literally rule the world for their masters in International Finance.  Will the whole system implode before they achieve their goals, or will America be subjected to a Soviet-style system of terror and fear as the Russians had to endure for over 80 years?

Time will tell.

We, of course, have the weapon that will stop them if we would but use it.  The beads.


Anonymous said...

And here I thought (given the title) it would be rehash of your post from the 11th.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, hope is only in the beads. We must use them like a battering ram until the pope obeys the Queen of Heaven and properly consecrates Russia as was asked.

Anonymous said...

Why all the fuss? Powerful elites have alway acted in this manner from "time immemorial", or perhaps from 'time immoral'.

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