Tuesday, June 17, 2014


With our thanks to Christian Order we link you to this sad letter written to the Pope by a lady struggling to know how to live the Faith in this new, odd climate emanating from Rome.  The letter has already been discussed on other Catholic blogs in recent months but the current translation is the best one we've seen and because of that is well worth reading again.  If you have not as yet read it we believe you will find it of great interest. Her letter is as pitiable as it is compelling.

This letter was written late last year.  What would this dear lady say now in view of more recent "quips" from the Holy Father?


Is the Pope hearing these tormented cries in the night, of which here is one more?


Anonymous said...

I feel sympathy for the anguished lady from Mexico, but her attitude is typical of so many post-Vatican II Catholics. They succumbed to papal personalities without giving critical regard to the soundness or otherwise of the papal pronouncements. We are not witnessing the implosion of the Church, although that possibly will come later, but we are living through the workings of a conscious decision made by the hierarchy to "reposition the Church" with the intention of comfortably fitting in with the evolving NWO agenda. Of course this accommodation is a mistake of millennial proportions! It appears every Pope since 1958 has been committed to this program, and the results speak for themselves.
Sometimes the truth spoken by way of allegory is more potent and recognizable than mere statement of bland facts. For me the movie 'The Mission' was an allegory of the political decision taken by the Church in the early 1960's to sacrifice the heartlands of Catholicism for the prospect of greater gains on the global scale.


Anonymous said...

That letter is way, way to long. If she wanted the pope to read it make it short and to the point. And really addressing him as the "sweet Christ on earth". He is a liberal and would think that kind of piety very ridiculous. He isn't going to respond because a liberal is a liberal is a liberal, especially now that he is pope. He doesn't care that what he is doing is upsetting traditional Catholics. It's actually kind of his goal.

John said...

I do hope that Pope Francis has read this letter. Assuming this person actually exists, that she wrote this, and that she sent it, this would be as close to a cry in the wilderness to wake up as any that we'll be likely to see.

Sometimes, a personal appeal helps the most. Seems to work wonders with this pope.

Anonymous said...

And we get a Pope who reeks of heresy.

Santiago Maldonado said...

I met Lucrecia, several times she was prudish and judgemental we had several strong and heated discussions, I called her a prude (persinada) and a know it all when she actually had no idea on theology. This is one of the personalities that made me back away from the Church, till this day I hear of her and I want to throw up, if this wasn't a catholic site I would vent to anyone that could read my words with all the colourful language I know. She defended Fr. Maciel even after the Legion's letters and Regnum Christies letters to it's members. I am not alone in my opinion, she is very loathed even though we try very hard no to loathe anyone.

Aged parent said...

Dear Santiago,

Thank you for your comment.

We Catholics know, or should know, that we are human, we are sinners, we sometimes make bad judgments and come to the wrong conclusions. We are certainly not infallible in our private opinions (nor, for that matter, are priests, Bishops or even Popes. The only infallibility in the Church is when the Pope defines a doctrine covering faith and/or morals only. He is not infallible when he appoints Bishops or writes encyclicals on matters where he has no competence, for example the environment).

That being said, if Lucrecia made some bad judgments she will hopefully correct her views as needed and remain a good daughter of the Church. I cannot tell you how many poor judgments I have made in my lifetime...but that is why we have the Sacrament of Confession.

With every good wish during this Holy Season...

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