Thursday, June 5, 2014


Right now, my fellow gentlemen, your children are being subjected to the vilest form of pro-sodomy propaganda in the entire history of mankind.  Not hyperbole.  Fact.  These are the children you fathered. What are you going to do about it?

You are their protectors.  You have to help raise them.  You have got to stay around as head of your family, not spend your entire lives at the office or running off to fight in unjust American wars. Your place is with your family, now more than ever.

An entire generation of children is being given over to sexual miscreants whose manner of living and thought can only be described as deranged.  What are you going to do about it?

Is the school you're sending them to making them begin to accept sodomy?  If so have you walked into the principal's office with blood in your eye and asked them what is going on?

Are you not particularly careful about the movies they go to or the TV they watch, especially during their most impressionable years?  For that matter, how careful have you been about what you watch?

If they want entertainment show them movies about men who act manly: Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart, Robert Mitchum, etc.  Yes, some of these movies are in black and white. So were the charcoal sketches by Rembrandt and the photographs of Ansel Adams.  Get over your fear of black and white.  It wont bite you.

Stop letting these children of yours watch horse shit.  Show them something edifying.

Do you pray with them?  Every day?  If not, you better get cracking.  And real soon.

Do you attend one of these lousy and stupid Masses said by an effeminate priest?  Get out of there and try to find something reverent.  I needn't remind you that there are options if you look hard enough.  Don't allow the friendships and camaraderie of regular parish life keep you attending a Mass designed to bore three-year- olds.

In other words, man up, because your children, your precious little ones, are being assaulted, really and truly assaulted.  Understand this, please.

Get off your tuffets, stop worrying about those who will call you names or not want to be your friend anymore and start protecting the hearts, minds and souls of the children you helped bring into this world, the ones who are made for Heaven.

Get out of the cesspool before you have to endure the spectacle of one of your children lecturing you on the evils of Catholicism.


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome clarion call. The enemy is no longer at the gate. They are climbing through the windows of your children's classrooms and bedrooms. They are in their cartoons and on their cereal boxes.

The hour is late, but it's not too late. Time to muster up, people.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! In a certain way our job of protecting our children is now a bit easier as the mask is off and the evil planned by the NWO schemers is clear for all to see.

aly said...

What is really disturbing is that in this regard and others the Church seems to act as though throughout 2000 years it has "painted itself into a corner" and can't continue to exist in Modernity. At sixes and sevens.

Anonymous said...
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