Saturday, June 28, 2014


It came a little sooner than you thought, dear Bishops, didn't it?  Our Glorious Emperor is considering signing an Imperial Decree mandating that Sodomites and other sexual perverts are not to be denied any employment whatsoever - and that includes in the churches in your respective dioceses.  Your decades of silence in the face of raw, deranged power have now come back to bite you.  Hard.

What are you going to tell His Imperial Highness when he signs this decree?

I will tell you:  you will tell him to go to Hell.

And then you will tell him, "no, we will not comply".

And you will stop writing Americanist claptrap like this juicy quote from the USCCB:

“The enduring commitment of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to uphold the dignity of each and every human person impels us to oppose unjust discrimination, to proclaim the truth about marriage, and to protect religious freedom.

Just for once - just this once, please - will you stop talking about "unjust discrimination" and "the dignity of the human person" and "religious freedom"?  No one cares what you say anyway, so why not just put a lid on that kind of humanist rubbish and start calling a spade a spade.  Stop trying to be good Americans and start trying to be good Churchmen.  Say, instead, this:

"The enduring commitment of the USCCB is to recognize that all of us, ourselves not excluded, are sinners in the eyes of God, which impels us to fight any attempt to impose the acceptance of the most grievous of mortal sins upon our people and our nation, and that being said, we will not comply with this unjust decree (which is not even a legitimate law) in any way shape or form, and that we will continue to try to help sinners do away with their sinful life".  Or words to that effect.

Will you be hated?  Yes.  Will you be subject to a media lynching?  Yes.  Joe Biden has helpfully reminded us that it was the Jewish media establishment that has been providing propaganda for the sodomite marriage putsch so please know that you will have the powerful Jewish establishment attacking you in their newspapers, movies and magazines.  The good Jews who find homosexuality to be the repugnant thing that it is will not be heard from because they, too, are afraid to speak out, for fear of losing their jobs and the respect of their fellows.

The entire Corporatist establishment, aka International Finance, will be yelping like mad dogs at you.  And they are mad dogs, indeed.

Could Our Imperial Highness send in troops to force his decree?  Yes, he could.  There are precedents, dear Bishops.  The Civil War was one.  The other was the confrontation in the early 1960s between Governor George Wallace of Alabama when Federal troops were sent down to his state to enforce the integration of schools.  While your liberal hearts were all aflutter over what you perceived as a righteous action to counter unjust discrimination, and while you were cheering on the Johnson Administration for taking these extreme steps, you were not watching what kind of precedent was being set and how it could very well be used against you one day.

It now looks like that day is just around the corner.

Nevertheless it is your sworn duty to protect the faith, and the morals, of those in your charge, so your only response, the only one that could even be considered acceptable, is to tell that cut-rate Stalin in Washington where to go.

And one other thing: keep Dolan away from this.  He is far too compromised a character to have any positive effect.  With the Michael Sam affair being only the latest of his harmful antics, his presence will undo any good that you may be trying to do.  He has disgraced the Church enough.

Will you do any of these things that we are recommending?  I hope so, if you expect to avoid a lot of imprisoned or dead Catholics.  Which would include you, by the way.

Time is growing very, very short, Your Lordships.


Anonymous said...

Well said sir! Very well said. Will the US Catholic Bishops have the balls to speak out clearly on such an obvious moral and legal issue? I very much doubt it. Their decades of silence and adherence to pc-speech has compromised their moral discernment.
History does repeat. Cardinal Fisher was the only bishop of England to speak out clearly against Henry VIII actions.

Aged parent said...

Equally well said, Anon. Many thanks. In light of your comment I should have titled this post "Bishops: Is there a John Fisher among you?"

Joe Potillor said...

Of course not, thanks to "Who am I to judge?" (TM), virtually any attempt to anything in right justice has been deflated.

This fight for "religious liberty" if anything is showing the further need, (rather act of justice) to dissolve the USCCB

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