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The now famous incident of Pope Francis kissing the hand of a notorious pro-sodomy priest has demoralized the world, at least that part of "the world" which has been paying attention.  I have lost count of the articles and blog posts that have been written about it.  As repellent as that action by His Holiness was, even more repellent was the attempt to justify it which cam instantly at full throttle from the Catholic Sycophant Class. These people who tried to play down the incident are those who excel at putting lipstick on a pig.  This time, however, most people weren't buying it. The action was a scandal of immense proportions and its ill effects will be played out in due course, sooner rather than later.

This papal action now joins the equally troubling "who am I to judge" nonsense that has already begun to chip away even further the crumbling edifice that was once a strong, vibrant Church.  The recent shocking incident of Boston Franciscans using the new papal watchword at a homosexual pride event (not to mention their being there in the first place) is simply the first of many bullets aimed at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ under the misleading "love the sinner" banner.  One fine writer, faced with the spectacle of the Papal Kiss, was moved to examine more closely the "love the sinner, hate the sin" idea.  That writer was James Larson.

Mr James Larson is a perceptive and brilliant writer who pulls no punches.  When you read his uncompromising assessments you know that you are in the presence of a solid, thinking Catholic who wastes no time on preciousness.  In a word, he tells it like it is.  For a world gushing over grandiose displays of love and mercy coming from high quarter's in the Church Larson offers a few reminders of how this famous phrase used to be interpreted, when the Church was in good health.

He has some reminders for Catholics who have forgotten that God is not only all merciful but all just, and he writes about things that God hates.  Yes, hates.

From Mr Larson:

Possibly the most enervating shibboleth of a weakened, effeminate Christianity is the demand that, in order to be in accord with God’s own love, we must “love the sinner, but hate the sin”. This, of course, has led to the widespread embrace of sinners in their sin, and the almost total failure of the modern Church to be a real sign of contradiction to a world drowning in sin

Drowning in sin, indeed.  Larson is at pains to remind Catholics that God has hatred for certain things and that as Catholics we must be careful when we throw around the words "love" and "mercy" with the insouciance customary of our benighted age.  That caution would also apply to Very High Personages in the Church who pour a deluge of "mercy" and "love" upon us while at the same time neglecting to warn us about the things we do that can bring about God's just anger.  And our damnation.

The Larson article attempts to assess the damage caused by that dreadful kiss of Francis wherein he would shock the world by showing a Papacy bending down before an unrepentant sodomite and blasphemer.  We have all read the benign explanation for the actions of Francis.  Now we must read the non-benign interpretation.

Mr Larson's writings are strong meat.  They are not for the faint of heart.  But we link to his blog at The Eye Witness because we believe that sometimes a bracing cold shower is better for us than a pleasant warm one. You will find Mr Larson's article, "God's Love and Hate" at the following link:



Anonymous said...

Can you get AIDS from kissing hands?

Anonymous said...

When that picture was given widespread coverage a few weeks ago, my initial reaction was one of bewilderment. Why would a pope, even this eccentric one, want to kiss the hands of anyone least of all a person who gives megaphone approval to homosexuality. The act was bizarre to say the least.
The only logical conclusion to be reached is that this pope intends to move the Church to a general acceptance if not actual approval of homosexuals.
We seem to be reaching the end of an historical era and entering one potentially more tumultuous than that commenced in 1792.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pope Francis, for reminding the world through your deeds and words, the true meaning of being like Jesus.
Thank you, Pope Francis, for showing the world what the love and compassion of Jesus looks like.
Thank you, Lord God, for the gift of Pope Francis.

Aged parent said...

I'm trying to imagine Our Lord kissing the hand of Alastair Crowley or Joe Stalin or Elton John but I just can't quite see it.

I can imagine him hearing them confess their mortal sins to him, though.

Our Lord forgives....when we ask him for forgiveness and not before, and only within the Sacrament he established for that purpose, the Sacrament of Penance.

Anonymous said...

Your BLIND hatred won't let you.

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