Friday, June 27, 2014


It takes a homosexual to tell us honestly what our government is up to.  Justin Raimondo, who runs the AntiWar website gives us in his latest article a very clear picture of the insane agenda of the American government: how it is prepared to kill people overseas if they don't fall into line supporting sex perversion. As Mr Raimondo himself is afflicted with the vice in question we must take his words very seriously.

The article is frankly terrifying.  I cannot see how anyone can still support this crumbling edifice we call a government by sending its sons into the military to fight for it.  Now that the military is being used as the government's instrument in enforcing the acceptance of buggery worldwide I would beg all parents of young men to show them this article if they are considering a military career. [Indeed, I now understand why they were so frantic to encourage homosexuals to enter the armed forces.] To those readers who have been or still are in the military you know that this is not meant to demean you.  On the contrary it is meant to remind you.

We thank Justin Raimondo for exposing the not-so-secret agenda behind America's military escapades.  We know, of course, that there is more to it than just promoting sodomy, that it in fact plays into the plans of both Judeo-Masonry and International Finance in their sickening efforts to subjugate.  But we most not forget Raimondo's clear warning.

And we must also not forget to pray for Justin Raimondo, that he will overcome his sins, as we all must overcome our own.

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