Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Mother Agnes Marian de la Croix

“I will talk to any and all Syrians regardless of a person’s affiliation with either the Syrian opposition or the regime; but I refuse to talk to non-Syrians until they leave Syria.”

This remarkable statement comes from the mouth of a Melkite Greek Catholic nun, Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross.  I must admit I do not know much about this religious but her courage is admirable.

She is one of those who discovered that the story of the Assad regime using chemical weapons in the (US-backed) civil war was a fraud.


She has not been wanting in her criticism of some of the excesses of the government but it is evident to her that the real villains in this case are those who want to destroy the Christian presence in the Middle East.  She calls it Christian genocide.  And that's what it is.


Perhaps not too surprisingly Mother Agnes was attacked by Human Rights Watch, an organization run by such notable and independent-thinking personages as Aryeh Neier, Kenneth Roth, Robert Bernstein and David Keyes.  Some human rights are of great interest to them.  Other human rights, such as those in Syria, not so much.  So they have taken Mother Agnes to task...for trying to uphold human rights in Syria.


This woman's story has been covered well on the internet so it is unnecessary for me to go over facts already well known.  But we all know that a wounded animal is dangerous, and right now that wounded animal is the two or three nations that have been trying to exterminate Syria for years.  They were wounded by Vladimir Putin's initiative and they were wounded by the Pope's magnificent September 7th day of fasting and prayer.  But they still haven't given up their insane plans, as the recent ISIS incidents make clear.  Mother Agnes is well aware that Syria is still hanging in the balance and she has judged rightly the mendacity and malignancy of Syria's enemies.  She is going to carry on in her work.  And God bless her.

I do not know if Mother Agnes is going to be a catalyst in this tumultuous situation or not but she certainly has made the right kind of enemies.


Mar said...

She is a Mulier Fortis. Looks the part too.

Anonymous said...

She's amazing, God Bless her.

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