Sunday, September 7, 2014


They will not listen to the Catholics.  They will not listen to the historic Arab inhabitants.  They will not listen to outraged worldwide opinion.  Perhaps they will listen to a fellow Jew who is sick unto death of this injustice.

But, of course, on and on it goes:



Anonymous said...

Or is this the typically Jewish trait of playing both sides of the fence?

Lepanto said...

Hamas is good and the Israelis are bad? Oh, yeah right!

Aged parent said...

Dear Lepanto:

Than you for commenting.

Propaganda is such a terrible thing, especially these days, that it must fall to the internet to debunk some of this stuff which is pumped at us day and night. I hope that if you chance to glance over some of the posts here on our site that you will see that we're not into "good guy/bad guy" games but rather that we wish to point out both sides to the story whenever we can. Up until now the Israelis have had the microphone firmly in their hands (since 1948 to be sure) and the other side has rarely been heard, except on the net. I hope you might try to keep and open mind on the subject and endeavor to view both sides as dispassionately as possible.

It is interesting to recall that prior to 1948 Christians, Muslims and Jews lived in relative peace with each other in the Middle East. Obviously something changed that in 1948, and we must keep a clear historical persepective as far as humanly possible.

Many thanks again for commenting.

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