Tuesday, September 16, 2014



This raises few eyebrows anymore but it is always worth noting how the logic of American-style pluralism plays out in practice.  In Miami schools the local Satanists will begin distributing their materials to the school kids.

The story is here:


Already there are voices raised in defense of this, the voices of the ignorant, or the slimy, or the satanic.  Or the stupid. We expect no less in these darker days and that is why few eyebrows are raised.

The schools now publicize every other sort of depravity so why, logically, would they exclude the worship of Beelzebub?  True, it is a more direct worship as opposed to the more indirect kind which has been the prevalent mechanism for centuries.  We can indirectly rejoice in the workings of Hell by gorging on prime time TV or we can do it more directly by putting on black robes and entering into their temples of darkness. Well, why not?  We have been told by everyone on earth, including Catholic churchmen, that one religion is as good as another so why not get out the black candles and take the knives from the scabbards?

Certainly there will be some parents, we trust they will be many, who will object to this.

Will high-ranking Catholic churchmen object also?  I am sure many will understand that we will not be holding our breaths for that to happen.  Too many of them are busy appearing on comedy shows.


Anonymous said...

A question needs to asked, why are all these terrible things being pushed only on North America and Europe? We don't hear of the leaders of India, China, and Japan permitting such abuses.

Aged parent said...

That is an excellent question, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, there is a rumour over on Rorate Caeli that Cardinal Raymond Burke will be eased out of his position on the Synod of the Family.
If it is true, then it would appear the Vatican has decided to dispense with parachutes and go for the hard landing.

Aged parent said...

Anon @ 2:26:

It's more than a rumor, I'm afraid. It seems as though the loyal Burke will have to be put out of the way so that the new "glorious revolution" continues.

C.J. said...

India already worships Satan in their pagan religion which worships 330 million pagan gods. They also practice Islam which as we all know is a demonic religion of Satan. As far as China goes they too worship the devil in their pagan rituals and they already do the work of Satan at the hand of their government. In Japan up to 80% of the populace practice no religion at all nor do they affiliate themselves with a religion of any kind. They are pure pagan and atbeistic. Therefore they already serve Satan.

The United States has been under the thumb of Protestanism and Freemasonry since it's Masonic founders formed a flawed and tyrranical government and our early Churchmen let them get away with it. Their worship of Satan was cloaked. Giving Satanic worship a free pass in the U.S. today is merely the Devil calling in all his IOUs.

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