Sunday, September 21, 2014


I have read over the twelve things Bishop Cupich, Pope Francis' new pick for Chicago, has said the Bishops have since learned by the ongoing sex scandals.  His ideas can be found here, in the magazine America, mouthpiece of the Jesuit/Americanist establishment.  Reading over these twelve points of his I am left wondering what it is he and his brother Bishops have actually learned.

Tellingly, his point number three begins thusly:

 "The causes of the clerical sexual abuse are complex, and it is simplistic to reduce them to easy answers. Many factors have been alleged to “explain” this misconduct by clergy, etc."

Therefore, conspicuous by its absence from the Bishop's learning experience is the real cause of the problem, namely: the abandonment by the Church of her doctrine, preaching, liturgy and sense of holiness combined with its total acceptance of the heresy of Modernism which has given rise to an infestation of homosexuals into the priesthood unprecedented in the 2,000 year history of the Church.

You see, Your Excellency, it is not all that complex.  But for those who wish to hide from this obvious truth and continue with the failed experiments of the 1960s I suppose it is too complex, for them.   That being said it appears that Cupich and his brother Bishops have learned precisely nothing from the scandals.

His tenure in Chicago promises therefore to be a most uninspiring one.

What this means, one supposes, is that Chicago will now have an Ordinary who will fit in quite well with the Dolans, the Wuerls and those very much like them.  

It must also mean that given Cupich's refusal to see the realities of protected buggery, the present Pope, by selecting Cupich, does not really want to do anything at all about that Lavender Mafia that he assured us he would look into.


Anonymous said...

In Chicago resides already a Roman Catholic bishop. A real one. And should Bp. Cupich ever came upon His Lordship Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, he would not how to behave in front of a living example of the Holy Apostles so I'm sure Cupich would soil his cassock...that is if Cupich wore a cassock.

Anonymous said...

The officers on the bridge aren't going to take notice to us lowly why bother?
Eventually the captain and his officers will be issuing orders but there will be nobody to carry them out, 'we' will have left the boat. Some will have signed on with another ship, but most I suspect will 'retire' from the sea. Apologies for the labored metaphor!

Have you so little faith? said...

I am neither apostate nor heretic. I ain't goin' nowhere, dude.

Anonymous said...

Well at least we can better discern who the blind guides are. -Vickie

Elizabeth said...

Ditto about Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais! Good thing Cupich won't be able to touch him. He will, however, be able to impose his will on any other traditional diocesan priests, including those at St. John Cantius. I was so dismayed when I heard the news of our new Bishop. Frankie's personal pick, clearly.

Joe Potillor said...

Oh God no, I had experience with him when I lived in Spokane, God help them

A homo is a homo is a homo... said...

"The causes of the clerical sexual abuse are complex, and it is simplistic to reduce them to easy answers. Many factors have been alleged to “explain” this misconduct by clergy, etc."

You are full of excrement.

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