Sunday, September 7, 2014


I am sorry.  I simply must plagiarize a comment read on Peter Hitchens' blog today and apply it to His Jolly Eminence, Timothy Dolan.  I will only change the name of the subject to our Roly Poly
Cardinal since every word applies so perfectly to him.

Dolan is happy with the decision of parade organizers in NYC to allow a group of NBC poofs to prance in a parade which supposedly was designed to honor a Catholic Saint, and has said so publicly.

My response:

[Dolan] is, of course, entitled to his own dumb opinion, just as I am entitled to think [Dolan's] work is a nauseous broth of egomania and crowd pleasing, politically correct platitudes with slightly less intellect, empathy and verbal dexterity than the week-old cheese I threw out yesterday.

(With my apologies - and thanks - to "Vladimir" who wrote that lovely comment to describe a different pompous ass.)


Anonymous said...

How did Archbishop Dolan, and others like him, get appointed to the exalted position of cardinal. A great mystery, but not uncommon as we see similar promotions in our work places.

Anonymous said...

I really want you to watch this: WICKED BISHOP

Aged parent said...

Dear Anon:

Many thanks. Yes, I did see that Voris video. It is good to see more and more people becoming fed up with these useless clowns who parade around in Cardinal's clothes.

Steve Dalton said...

"How did Archbishop Dolan and others like him get appointed to the exalted position of cardinal?" It's no great mystery, a Pope made him cardinal.
Voris and others getting fed up with Cardinal Dolan isn't going to solve anything. It's the lack of leadership and discipline from the Popes that allows Cheesehead Dolan and his ilk to get away with this filth. But Voris, acting like a mind numbed cult devotee, refuses to point the finger at the one who is responsible for Dolan doing what he does.

Aged parent said...

Mr Dalton:

I agree completely. I have written in the past to Mr Voris politely suggesting that the problem originates at the top and reminded him that numerous saints have felt compelled to publicly admonish their popes. I presume my note to him did not make any impression on him.

Steve Dalton said...

AP, absolutely refuses to listen to any criticism of the Pope, and he criticizes those who do. He won't allow any criticism of the Pope on his Facebook pages. Because Voris won't address the real source of the problems we're having, I've lost all respect for him. As far as I'm concerned, Voris is creating an unthinking, cultic mindset about the Pope in his viewers. As a former cult member, this scares me. When the Papal walls of Jericho come tumbling down, these poor folks will suffer everything from disillusionment to loss of faith. Voris and his followers need to realize that the Pope is only the Vicar of Christ, not Christ himself. And that we're only supposed to follow or respect a church leader as he follows Christ. Voris is only following the Pope, not Christ.

Steve Dalton said...

Whoops, I meant to put he after AP in my last comment. Sorry.

Aged parent said...

"Voris and his followers need to realize that the Pope is only the Vicar of Christ, not Christ himself."

Spot on.

Anonymous said...

It would appear the Catholic Church hit the rocks many decades ago and is slowly sinking. The 'revisionist' historian Michael Hoffman is of the opinion this happened centuries ago before the Reformation, however, discussion of that thesis is best left to one side for the moment.
Here we are in blogs similar to this one frantically manning the pumps and shoring up the popped plates while the officers on the bridge are calling for full steam ahead!
Perhaps it is time for us humble stokers in the engine room and ordinary deck hands to abandon ship and leave the officers to carry on with what they perceive to be a summer cruise in calm waters.
There is already a life raft in the water, namely the SSPX, with ample space for those willing to swim a few yards.

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