Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Dear, old Taki.  Amazing man.  A bit on the "earthy" side for my tastes but you cannot help but admire him.

In the link below he takes on the subject of the divinization of the Negro race.  One can no longer be simply friends with these folks, treat them with the simple courtesies and Christian kindness, and try to get along, or not to get along, if circumstances demand it.  Very oddly, they must now be worshiped, I guess, if what we see on TV, in the magazines at the supermarket checkout, our daily newspapers and what passes for "entertainment" on the silver screen is any indication.  They have become, one supposes, demigods.  Probably nothing else I could imagine would do more harm to amicability than that attitude.

Here is Taki's take on the Donald Sterling business:

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