Wednesday, May 28, 2014


You can make what you like of this photo, but what it is depicting is merely this:  she is a young Ukranian woman watching the destruction of her lands in Eastern Ukraine by the military forces of the Kiev junta.  This illegal government was installed by the combined forces of the European Union, the United States and the International Monetary Fund.  These forces will brook no resistance against their coup and are killing Ukranians with the hope of goading Russia into armed conflict, a conflict which they believe will successfully end in the crushing of that nation.

And while the situation is far more complex than the preceding paragraph would indicate, that paragraph does put in simple terms the reality of the situation.  And if this continues, it will bring out the worst in America, in Russia and in International Finance.

Since the Blessed Virgin Mary has made it perfectly clear that she has an especial love for Russia we think it is a good idea to continue asking her to intercede with God the Father to bring about Moscow's reuniting with Rome, thereby creating a powerful deterrent against Christianity's most deadly enemies.


Anonymous said...

While it is 'nice' to contemplate a reunion of Catholic and Orthodox, serious doctrinal issues notwithstanding, such a union wouldn't be a joining of equals. The Russian Orthodox Church appears to be full of vigor whereas the Catholic Church is, temporarily we hope, stuck in self doubt.

Anonymous said...

No union will take place with an apostate Rome. Besides, the Blessed Mother ...and Our Lord await the Consecration of Russia.

What a beautiful young woman in that photo posted by Aged Parent. May God show her and her county His mercy.

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