Friday, May 9, 2014


Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands, a place I've stopped at many a time.

It is a truism that unless we maintain our cultural ties with our ancestors we will die, inwardly, in our hearts and our souls.  All around us men strive to sever this connection to our past and in so doing they end in killing within us our very roots, not to mention our sensitivity to beauty and to the truth,  keeping us lost in a sea of confusions and depression.

We must not consent to this.  We must keep a firm grip on our culture, the culture that was bequeathed to us by our ancient family.  Music, that balm of the soul, is one way in which to strengthen those ties, one way to bring peace to the mind and calm to the soul.

It is also true that music is a balm for the soul and ever there was a time when such balm is needed it is now.

As we are wont to do on occasion here at The Eye Witness we like to find recordings of the music of our past and to offer them for your consideration or, if you like, re-connect with our past. Troubled souls need this kind of nourishment.

We offer you now the lovely voice of Custer Larue singing the anonymous, centuries-old Scottish song In a Garden So Green.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous picture. How I have dreamed of visiting the hills of Scotland!

Aged parent said...

If you ever travel to Scotland (a trip you won't regret) you will drive by this very spot if you travel the scenic road between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I've spent many a peaceful moments at that spot, eating a lunch or just enjoying the view.

aly said...

By far the best site on the www I've seen of late. So beautiful, so lovely, soothes a weary soul.

A Scot in heart only said...

Any chance you can post a phonetic pronunciaction of the word Glasgow? I know a wonderful young man who led the pro-life efforts in. Scotland. When he pronounces Glasgow it is nothing even close to how I was pronouncing it and he certainly laughed at my effort.

Hauntingly beautiful Scotland, how I love you.

Aged parent said...

A Scot in heart..

I've always heard it pronounced "Glazz go" every time I went there.

A. Scot at heart said...

I am glad I stopped by to check if you responded. I am at a loss then. But I do thank you for responding to my request.

Aged parent said...

A Scot:

Perhaps there is a Gaelic pronunciation I am not aware of.

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