Monday, May 5, 2014


As is becoming depressingly clear every day the powers-that-be want to go to war with Russia.  Those who have been following this carefully and have not allowed themselves to be hornswoggled by the anti-Russian propaganda being spoon-fed us on an hourly basis know who is really behind this and also know that it is an act of utter, bloody folly to make war against a nation that means us no harm.  They are provoking Russia in ways that most sane people would consider shocking and God only knows how much longer the Russians are going to tolerate these provocations.  Recently the US-installed junta in Ulraine thought it might be nice to burn alive thirty anti-junta people in a trapped building in Odessa.  The US media spin on this war crime is most instructive.

So many will be lazy and merely accept the scenario written out for them by the powers-that-be.

But is it not the right thing to do to be prudent and to try to understand another's point of view?  If the internet has done nothing else it has opened up a window of opportunity for us to see ourselves as others see us.  It has in addition allowed us to hear the other side of the story.

With that in mind, I encourage you to find an hour and watch the linked video, which is a discussion by Suzanne Massie, the lady who convinced President Reagan to try to understand Russia.  It lasts about an hour or so but is well worth your time.

The first several minutes of the video are rather trying.  The youngish Russian who is introducing Mrs Massie seems to keep talking forever but once he finally shuts up and lets her speak I believe you will find this both fascinating and important.

Cooler heads make better decisions.

The interview follows:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the honest reporting and articles you have provided on this Us and UN led attack against Russia. i hope Putin puts his foot up obama's backside.

Anonymous said...

Only a profoundly inept and idiotic EU could have failed to analyse the existing political/social fault lines in Ukraine society and then irresponsibly make promises that stired up historical animosities.
This has come about because the EU is in thrall to the federated notion of supposedly successful US political cohesion and seeks to rival it.

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