Friday, February 7, 2014


Let me see if I've got this right.

The United Nations, which demands that its members protect in law homosexuals who bugger adolescent boys, is castigating the Roman Catholic Church because some of its priests are homosexuals who were buggering adolescent boys.  Did I get that right, or am I missing something?

That the vaunted United Nations, a tool of the USA, multinational corporations and the spawn of the Pharisees is, with supreme impudence, demanding that the Church conform to its twisted world view should, one would hope, be a wake up call to the Main Man In Charge to start taking a serious look at the perverted moles who are inside the Church.  The Church merely lets itself wide open for these kinds of things when it does not publicly cashier some of the prelates and priests who have facilitated the sodomite infestation.  Only when the world sees that the Pope means business and starts removing and dealing with Bishops and Cardinals who are the main villains (along with their erstwhile lobby) will there be an end to this carping.  True, it wont stop the laughable hypocrisy of the pro-homo crowd demanding the Church's head for allowing homo priests to molest young men, but it will begin to save the wounded Church.

Will it take UN/NATO boots on the ground in St Peter's Square before some wake up to the seriousness of this sodomy business?  Popes have been hauled out of St Peter's by military force a few times before in history.  That UN/NATO boots would be used - with extreme hypocrisy and chutzpah of course - to attack the Church for the actions of some of its miscreant priests and Bishops, actions of which the UN would cheer on if it was anyone else, is not an entirely fanciful notion.  Has Rome forgotten that the NSA often listens in?

On the political scene Russia is very well aware that it is slowly being surrounded by the USA and its puppets.  Does not the Vatican understand that the same thing is happening to them?


Anonymous said...

Aged Parent, it was you who cautioned about the incorrect and inaccurate use of words. More accurately you should have said ..." castigating the Roman Catholic Church because of Homosexuals who infiltrated the priesthood and were buggering adolescent boys."

Priests do NOT become Homosexuals but Homosexuals certainly can and have become priests.

Aged parent said...

You are correct. Thank you, anon.

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