Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Last night the Catholic Church was dragged through the mud again.  A nationwide broadcast on the "Frontline" television series brought up all the old and some of the new scandals that are now pouring out of the Church it seems on a daily basis.

Many of the topics covered have been covered before but a few new ones came up, all interspersed with that trademark darkly sinister music in the background and the blurry, jerky images of which producers of these kinds of things are so fond.  Much time was given to the ubiquitous ambulance-chaser, Jeff Anderson, who struggled in his oily way to convince the viewers that he was only in this because he is "for the children".  The truth about him is that the only children he is for are his little children, $50, $100 and $500 dollar bills.  Those in the know can easily dismiss this individual as the cynical money-grubber that he is; only the easily misled will be fooled by his hypocrisy.  But it is not him that concerns this writer; it is the legitimate cases that were presented which show corruption at the very highest levels of the Church.

Now that this program has been aired it is natural for us to ask of our Churchmen: are you finally convinced now that there is a deep problem in Holy Church, a problem that indeed predates the woebegone Vatican 2, and that the time has now come to take a serious look at the disease that is spreading?  Are you aware, dear Churchmen, that the problem of homosexual depravity is only a symptom of a far greater problem, a doctrinal and liturgical one?  Has the sight of the Church being publicly humiliated by the mass media, abetted by treasonous clerics high and low, penetrated your hearts - and your minds?  Will you still hang on to your ugly new liturgy, your false ecumenism, your totally misguided optimism, your chummy relationship with the world?  Will you still refuse to bring to the true Faith heretics, schismatics, Jews and pagans?  Are you happy that these people will all die outside the Church?

Will you still promote nonentities, time-servers, sodomites, cowards and downright idiots to high positions in the Church of Christ?  In short, have you, now that such programs are being aired on national television, had enough?

I will tell you, dear Churchmen, that we Catholics have had enough.

In one of the most insane projects it has ever been my bewildered eyes to gaze upon, Churchmen around the world recently sent out via the Bishops a survey of the opinions of Catholics around the world.  Now, if their intention was to see just how misguided and un-Catholic their Catholic children are, well and good.  The survey that was produced showed as expected a majority of Catholics who cannot even be called Catholic anymore.  If the Bishops will use this information to begin to re-teach the Faith to their clueless flock, I commend them for conducting the survey.  If that is the case, my suggestion to them would be to throw into the trash the new Catechism of the Catholic Church, surely one of the poorest-written and ill-thought out documents ever to emerge from the Roman Catholic Church; throw it right into the garbage.  Replace it with an old, orthodox, non Vatican 2 catechism - the kind that built and nourished the Faith for centuries.  If I ever see Churchmen reverting to older and better catechisms then will I begin to believe that we are starting to see a return to sanity.

But the real reason for the survey my Lord Bishops, I contend, was a cynical one on your part.  You knew perfectly well what the answers would be like (one hundred years of poor catechesis does take its toll) and you will use the expected answers as a support for new and even worse changes to the one, true Church.

To be sure, some Churchmen who have not totally lost their sensus Catholicus will look upon the results of this survey with horror.  Whether or not there are enough such prelates to engineer a reversing of course remains to be seen. 

Fascinatingly, there was one aspect of the "Frontline" program that mirrored exactly the modus operandi of our current Catholic hierarchy.  That aspect can be described in three words:  Rembert George Weakland.  In the television program, in the section devoted to the Milwaukee scandals, those three words were most conspicuous by their absence.  Unless I missed it (and I could have, as I had to leave the room for a few moments to vomit), the name of Rembert Weakland never came up.  In short, this darling of the corporate media is still being protected even though he himself was a sodomite who brought shame and ruin to the Milwaukee Archdiocese.  This omission of any mention of this Archbishop mirrors exactly the attitude of the Catholic Church toward him: silence.  In all public statements coming either from the Milwaukee Archdiocese and/or Rome we hear nothing about Weakland, or if we occasionally do it is only diplomacy and praise.  When ever has a subsequent Milwaukee Archbishop or the Vatican publicly distanced themselves from this man?

No one could remain unmoved by watching and listening to one man after another speaking to Church officials about being molested when they were adolescents.  It was sick-making to watch.  And though the show deftly avoided mentioning the word "homosexual" (as does the Church, by the way) any one with common sense knows that when these men were altar boys and high school/college age young men and were being molested by male priests it was an act of homosexual buggery.

The unlikelihood that this evil is going to go away anytime soon was underlined by a story found today at  It tells us that the Dublin's Archbishop himself is promoting sodomy.  Read that once again:  Archbishop Martin of Dublin, Ireland is promoting unnatural sexual relations.  What is even worse than that is the fact that Martin has not been immediately sacked by the Pope....which tells us much not only about Martin but the Pope as well.

The Church stopped clear teaching on doctrine a long time ago.  That gave rise to the disaster known as Vatican 2, which gave rise to the disaster known as the new liturgy which gave rise to the collapse of faith and morals and which is the reality we face today.  If one-half of the stories we hear about a homosexual mafia in the Church are true then that would dovetail nicely with the lack of doctrinal teaching that has been plaguing the Church for such a long, long time that Our Lady of La Salette and Pope Pius IX in the 19th century, Our lady of Fatima and St Pius X in the early years of the 20th century felt the need to say strong words about a situation they described as long-standing.

Now we Catholics have to watch with profound sadness and dejection the humiliation of Christ's Church at the hands of her enemies both within and without.  It is like watching the procession to Calvary.  As in that sad day Christ's appointed Bishops ran away from him.

They are still running away.


In God I trust. said...

The Church suffering her Passion. I don't see the need to be overly alarmed. We can follow the example of Our Lady during the Passion of her son and the Head do our Catholic Church. I imagine that ours should be an interior passion filled with prayer and trust and confidence. All these things happening are to show the power and glory of God so let's cling to Our Lady and try as best we can to imitate her Immaculate Heart. I guess we who fight to remain Faithful will have much to bear so that it can be offered on behalf of others.

That is what I think anyway.

servo said...

SNAPism is a grave evil, and few have the guts to call it what it is. I'm not sure if the new situation of ambulance chasers, hysteria, paranoia, and false accusations are much better than what was. But I guess I'm just a see-no-evil shill who hates children, or whatever.

Anonymous said...

To In God I trust: This has been my feeling. Nothing happens without God's foresight and permission. God permitted weak bishops and lukewarm laity. (I do not want to only blame the hierarchy because the originate from the laity). Sometime it seems if people insist on sin, God seems to let them have it. It is a Calvary.

Prayer, fasting, alms giving and, I would add, encouragement to the confused. I am open to other suggestions given the Church leadership that we have.


In God I Trust said...

Anonymous, thank you for that addition of giving encouragement to the confused. I think that is a wonderful act of human charity. May that humanly act of encouragement lead to the true Charity which is the knowledge and love of God. Then encouragement will lead them to the Peace that only He can give. That must be why St. Theresa (?) who surely had holy Charity towards the Almighty said "Let nothing disturb you."

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