Tuesday, February 18, 2014



From Sandro Magister:


The Vatican is hiring huge, expensive and decidedly anti-Catholic businesses to help the Church in her finances, public relations and administration, as Sandro Magister relates in the article linked.

The Roman Catholic Church is paying millions to the same financial oligarchs, its bitterest enemies, who are networked with the gigantic multinational corporations, who are the source of many of the economic woes and catastrophes that have been wounding families for decades...indeed centuries.  The same Church that is rightly concerned with the new worldwide poverty and hopelessness, and rightly condemns near-lunatic, unrestrained capitalism, is hiring the very same types of people who are the very instigators of the evils She supposedly condemns.  Here are corporations who facilitate abortion, sodomy, usury, war profiteering, murder and corporate arrogance, who battle the Church on every front, now being given the keys to the chicken house.  "Oh, but they do their job so well", I'm sure we will hear from Lombardi or some other talking head in Rome.  I am reliably informed that Jack the Ripper did his particular job very well, too.

In this writer's view it would be singularly reckless to allow an organization of the nature of this public relations firm to get too close to the inner workings of the Vatican.  Simple prudence demands, especially these days, that Rome keeps its cards fairly close to its vest when it comes to dealing with those whose agenda is at odds with Hers.

The Vatican ship of state still lurches from side to side and there are no signs as yet of a firm hand at the rudder. But that has been the case for decades now, where Popes do much travel but little governing, and where Christ's Vicars unwisely put their trust in the types of people they shouldn't.

It might be a good idea to put the Vatican on a suicide watch.


Henry said...

What can they be thinking in Rome?

rosa said...

Sir, they elected Francis just for that.
Remember: nearly one month before BXVI's resignation, ALL ATMs in Vatican went out of service. Technocal difficulties ? No, financial issues. Each day Vatican lost 30000-50000 € /day.
Then, BXVI resigned and all came back in order.
Coincidence ?

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Rosa, for the fascinating information. I was not aware of that.

Anonymous said...

So there are questions on the best pastoral approach toward sins of the sixth commandment. This is however the signal for me if the Pope is serious about helping the destitute (as opposed to simple poverty which I thought was a good thing) versus just mouthing platitudes, the thievery of modern banksters.


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