Monday, February 10, 2014


This is what Rome sends to Milwaukee
The Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Rome's dumping ground for mediocre prelates, has decided to adopt the discredited, unhelpful, below standard, mentally damaging and idiotic program known as "Common Core", an educational/indoctrination system being encouraged by Washington and notable charlatans everywhere.

A Catholic school, by definition, imparts, at the very least, the Catholic faith whole and entire.  And although we well know that that is not the case these days we should at least refer to this on occasion when speaking with Catholic school officials and the Bishops that oversee them about the education of our Catholic children.  A number of dioceses in the USA are taking a serious look at Common Core.  Why they are doing so is anybody's guess considering the dreadful state of education in this country, Catholic or otherwise.

Milwaukee's Archbishop might be better employed seeing to it that the schools in his diocese start taking a serious look at what is well and truly broken in the system, namely the transmission of the Faith to school-age children (who will one day be adults).

Glancing over the history of the current incumbent in the Milwaukee Chancery I am not at all certain that passing along the pure and unadulterated Faith is high on the agenda.

Dad 29 has some tough words to say about it:

So do Catholics United for the Faith:

So do I:

As with much of everything else coming from the leadership of this diocese the adoption of Common Core is a disaster in the making.

See also this.

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