Tuesday, June 11, 2013


In the event that you may not have been aware of what has been going on in the Benighted States of America, the worldwide all-seeing eye of Big Brother has been watching you, every day, all the time.  The Fourth Amendment is now officially dead, joining the other deceased protections from government predations that Americans once enjoyed.

Two tyrants, the hapless and stupid George Bush and the evil and mendacious Barack Obama, have set in motion a system of surveillance unprecedented in the history of the world.  Up until now the cut-rate Stalins who have been our "presidents" have, through fear and intimidation, kept this all under wraps.

Until now.  A whistleblower has come forward.


The two Official Parties have said little to nothing, other than such deeply thoughtful men as Republican Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain, the two who never met a war they didn't like, who are both cheering on the junior G men trashing our right to be left alone and unbothered by a ubiquitous police state.  A few Senators, like the execrable Dianne Feinstein, are calling for the whistleblower's extradition and, presumably, lynching.

Washington and New York feel pretty confident that they have nothing to worry about.  They think it will all blow over and that everyone will soon settle back onto their couches and watch the latest raw sewage pumped from Hollywood (and  New York.  Always New York) via our TV screens, splashed into our homes.  Perhaps they haven't anything to worry about from weak-willed Americans who don't want to get "involved".  We shall see.

But the extent of the abuse is, every day being more and more revealed.  For instance, this morning we read the startling news that another country has been doing some of Uncle Sam's dirty work:


No free people will survive when this sort of thing is allowed to continue.

All conflicts are religious in nature, even this one when you look at it dispassionately.  And given the clear signals that the US government has been sending, namely: that Catholics are in their crosshairs (as are any others who might get uppity and oppose Organized Buggery and Organized Sadism), we might start to begin taking this seriously.

Our Catholic brothers in France have shown the way when they converged on Paris to fight state-imposed sodomy.  What are we going to do here in America about things like this?

UPDATE 13 June 2013:

It gets stranger and stranger:  http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/04/shady-companies-nsa/2/

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Anonymous said...

The future is now. This is way more information than I have known. Previously my info was scanty in a way but even that was enough to cause more anger. Previously I have read that Jewish
factions were attempting to get this type of hard and soft ware into school computers, elementary
that is in the guise of blocking
access to undesirable content,
pornographic material. The claim by
the writer was that in fact unde-
sirable material include deemed anti-Jewish material.
This no daylight between us union
can be deemed perverse. Such as
engaging in un-natural acts.
Ther are bloggers who pose as Catholics but in fact are Israeli
Intelligence agents.

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