Friday, June 14, 2013


Jeffrey Curley, who had the misfortune of meeting someone who was "born that way"
Again we remind our readers as best we can of the ravages of the lifestyle of the perverse, and once again we warn you that the details of the case we present are hideous.  We trust the wise leaders of the Boy Scouts might take note, as well as some wise men in the Church, such as Cardinal Danneels, who are so worried about hurting the feelings of child-molesting homosexuals.

The late Father Andrew Greeley claimed to know some secrets about the homosexual mafia well ensconced in the Archdiocese of Chicago.  He intimated that they were responsible for at least two murders.  I am not surprised, and the story I will refer you to bears out what everyone knows about that side of poofdom that no one wants to talk about.

But we want to talk about it:

Mr and Mrs Curley, whose son was murdered by a homosexual


Anonymous said...

I Will come back to this when I stop almost crying. I'm tired nearly to death of people who say I
cannot not like these vile people
and those supporting them. I can not like them and I do not like them. There have been a couple of discussions going on at the political refugee's. I'm so fed up and I need to regroup and I will.
I'll never go along with this kind
of Christian charity b.s.

Aged parent said...

I know what you mean, Anon. The concept of "hating the sin and loving the sinner" is one that, while true, needs to be expounded on by good and holy priests. I am fairly confident, however, that we are under no obligation to "love" these fiends, in the sense that we should all be smiley and "lovey-dovey" or deferential toward them. Really, truly loving them means not only praying for their conversion but in maing sure they are brought to justice.

The best way, in my view, to love the perpetrators of this despicable crime would be to work for their execution. That is not meant as a bad joke. If these monsters know that they are going to put to death they might, just might, reconcile themselves with God before their deaths. In saner, Catholic days under great Catholic monarchs like Isabella the Catholic in Spain evil malefactors were publicly hanged by the roadsides. They were given anopportunity to confess to a priest then hung. Not only is that an example of truly loving the sinner, and practicing true charity but it had the effect, of course, of keeping crime rates low.

Loving the sinner sometimes means getting rid of them for their own good and ours.

Anonymous said...

Aged parent, I do agree with all
you say here. It at times makes me
furious, I do admit. Just in the afore sentence I've been conditioned to add "I admit". So many Catholics stop just short of
scolding one for not being charitable. They have been misguided into silly soppy. But you know that I don't mean that anyone of them are not incensed about hurting and killing others, particularly children but "judging"
homosexuality and other sin. We are supposed to speak against sin.
It is our duty in these very serious matters

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