Thursday, June 20, 2013


I am not stupid.  I realize that the US Constitution has been a dead letter now for well over a century.  But if for a moment we want to revive some of the principles enumerated in that flawed document we might wish to examine what is in fact the central point buried within the NSA spying scandal,

As always, the level-headed Judge Andrew Napolitano has found that central point and explained it well:

The judge points out that the less-than-perfect whistleblower took two oaths when he went to work for the organization that helps the US government spy on everyone.  The fist oath was to keep secret everything he was doing.  The second oath was to uphold the Constitution.  Given the circumstances of the case he decided he could not keep both oaths, so he broke one.

I am both amused and somewhat disgusted by all the writers and bloggers who are dumping on this man Snowden because he "broke the law" or "damaged the USA", etc., etc. ad nauseam.   It astounds me that these good people are entirely and completely missing the point.  Their patriotism is so intense that it appears to blind them to simple reality.  That reality is that the US government - the same government that is pushing sodomy, abortion, usury, ignorance, unjust wars of aggression, the lining of the pockets of uberCapitalists while destroying property rights and cheating laborers out of their just wages...that government - is now so paranoid that it is watching everything we (and many others around the globe) are saying and doing, in real time, around the clock.

What kind of a government does this sort of thing?

The kind of government headed by Joe Stalin.

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Anonymous said...

I love this Post. PSI Wham!
The Patriots are mow as suckered as
the little commies. My patriotic
slogan now is P*SS OFF!

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