Wednesday, June 26, 2013


As expected the Divine Oracles in Washington DC have voted to enshrine sodomy...again.  Imagine, an innocent child - now think about this for a moment, especially YOU, Your Excellencies, and Your Holiness - imagine an innocent child being adopted by two sexual perverts.

Does even that, Excellencies, move you to thunder from your pulpits?  Or will you continue to be obedient little Americans and diplomats and keep your collective mouths shut?  And dear Holy Father, will you, at least in this instance, take the beatific smile from your face and condemn this action of the Americans and other countries that have succumbed to the promotion of legal pederasty?  Is silence, and smiles, and diplomacy more important than watching the horrifying and vile corruption of an innocent child?

The world awaits your response, Holy Father, and You Bishops of the Catholic Church.  Will you give aid and comfort to the Church's enemies by remaining silent, or will you protect your children from the persecution that is now at our front door?

Will you now, at long last, say something?


aly said...

What ever they say will be useless
and known to be "what is expected".
Like some army who gave up the fight but still goes around pretending to be an army.
We should demand that all the faggots stand up and show themselves

Aged parent said...

Agreed, aly.

It is not at all unreasonable to demand that these creeps stand up and show themselves.

I've read Cardinal Dolan's response. It's not terrible but it's a little like locking the barn door after the horses are out. He and the rest of the Catholic hierarchy could have and should have been screaming bloody murder from their pulpits about this for the last several decades. But like the good little Americanists they are, they kept silent, terrified by the bad press they would get.

These cowards in clerical robes disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone would expect proper actions and responses from someone who tells infidel muslims to not lose their "faith" is beyond me. Bad tree. Bad fruit. Forget about Dolan. The only cavalry to come over the hill to save us and the world is the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. Until then...lock your doors and windows like Lot and wait for the Chastisement.

aly said...

The bishops should humble themselves but they won't. It is
those who are willing and and continue to entreat the Help of Heaven who
must carry on.

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