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There is a nagging thought going through our heads here at The Eye-Witness that something wonderful is happening in Russia.  This poor country, which has suffered multiple crucifixions over the last century and before, would appear to be emerging from the swamps and entering into a phase of restoration.  Are we perhaps witnessing a Russian renaissance?

Today we hear news of another small but important indication that makes one wonder if Russia is to be the country that will henceforth be doing Heaven's work.  Our friends at The Eponymous Flower blog site alert us to this happy development in the land loved by the Blessed Virgin Mary:

And then there is this news, also startling in nature, and hardly insignificant:

Within one week we see the pernicious sodomites in Russia slapped down again (following other recent moves to limit the influence of the homosexual contagion) and we see a Corpus Christi procession process through the streets unfettered.  While America and other countries are continually blackened by crimes against nature being foisted upon the citizens by their own government we see, in an amazing reversal, Russia going in the opposite direction.  Russia was once the persecutor of peoples; will it now be their rescuer?

Russia is ruled by a man named Vladimir Putin.  Whatever his faults may have been in the past or in the present he is the polar opposite of the creeps and criminals who are elected to high political office in America.  Russia still, to this admittedly uninformed observer, is making a mistake or two, like being overly deferential to the US government on certain crucial issues and being far too trusting of the likes of Mr Obama.  Perhaps that will change in time.  If the resistance on the part of Russia's leaders to help out in another US/Israel war of aggression in Syria is any indication perhaps Russians will begin to realize that these two countries are oppressive and rotting from the inside.  One hopes Russia will begin to smell the stench and keep its distance from these two troubled regimes.

Dear Russia had its Lenins, its Trotskys, its Stalins and its secret police goons.  Russia is slowly cleansing itself from these past evils.  America, conversely, is embracing them and is fast turning into a tyranny worse than the Nazi and Communist ones.  The Communists and the Nazis killed the bodies of men; the American oligarchs want to kill men's souls - by forcing men to abandon simple decency and morality using the legal system, the corporate-controlled media and the full force of government organs of oppression.

Predictably the media is literally foaming at the mouth over Russia's great and sensible move to limit the spread of perverse propaganda.  It is amusing watching and reading their comments on this.  We suggest you glance at them as well, and enjoy the spectacle of these spluttering, spittle-dripping commissars decrying Russia for coming back to its senses.

There is still much to be done in that holy land to bring back normalcy.  Among other things Russia is still plagued by abortion, a crime that makes Heaven not only weep but think of vengeance.  Eighty years of pro-abortion propaganda and abortions from the Communists has, tragically, made it acceptable.  To eradicate this unspeakable evil may, sadly, take some time, but with God all things are possible.  Catholics know that Russia's complete return to happiness and God's good graces would be facilitated if only our Popes would have listened to the very words of the Blessed Virgin some 90+ years ago.  But cowardice and contempt have prevented them from acting on the instructions they were given.  Like the King of France, who also dithered before acting on Heaven's command, great misery will come to them for this refusal.

Nevertheless, the Mother of God loves Russia.  These recent events are the obvious proof of that.

UPDATE 15 June 2013:

We saw this at The Remnant webiste, and thought we should pass along these words of genuine wisdom:


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Wonderful Post. We should try no matter what happens
everyday in this world, things which disobedience to God does bring, Obedience and faithfulness
bring good and glorious things.
We have to pray the Rosary every, every day.

Anonymous said...

Aged parent, How can we begin an
organization, Catholic Friends of
of Russia Catholics and Orthodox.
they need recognition and support
for their sake, our sake and the
sake of the world. It would be most pleasing to Our Lord and to the Blessed Mother.

Anonymous said...

My Friends of Russia Catholic and Orthodox Good idea-Bad idea is an
enthusiastic even exuberant reaction that I sometimes have in
Catholic Matters. Like you, I am an
(aged parent) and I desire the

Aged parent said...

Dear Anon:

Anything that brings Catholics and Orthodox closer together is a good idea, as long as it adheres always to the Truth. Perhaps this diabolical assault by the sodomites might be one catalyst which will help heal this thousand year old wound between the Catholic and Orthodox. There is nothing wrong with your suggestion. In my small way here I do what I can to try to contribute to the mending of fences between the good Orthodox people and we Catholics.

Horribly, the Catholic Church is now suffering from an infestation of homosexuals into its clergy unprecedented in its entire 2,000 year history. I don't know if the Orthodox are seeing any similar trends among their clerics (one hopes not). But this Satanic assault on the Church in the form of homosexuality must mean that we are approaching a climactic time of some kind in the Church's history. Look how many high-ranking Churchmen are starting to slyly endorse the homosexual agenda. Surely these men have either gone completely insane or, more likely, they are sodomites themselves.

Whatever it is, something is happening. I fear in the short term it will get very ugly. But in the long term we know these monsters will be defeated.

Anonymous said...

+ amen .

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