Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Russian Orthodox denounce EU death sentence of Charlie Gard

“Monstrous decision of the European Human Rights court demonstrates the deepest crisis of the notion of human rights protection. Today the right to life gives way to the right to death,” head of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion said in his statement.
According to the hierarch, the situation is especially dramatic as the parents cannot take a decision independently. The metropolitan wonders “why in the 21st century in a free democratic state a family is locked in one clinic because of the court decision and cannot turn to another clinic.”

                                                       Read the whole article.


Tancred said...

Nice catch.

Linda Zentner said...

We are drawn to this bc the infant is adorable. However, we would not be drawn to a similar circumstance if it was an aged America, incontinent, drooling & bearing the ravages of time upon her body. Since the dictates of the former administration in America were put in place, care is withdrawn from such as those I describe all the time in the USA.

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