Thursday, July 27, 2017

No more Somalis. Please.

No, that is not a harsh headline.  That is a statement of simple, straightforward self-preservation.

The US is already plagued by a growing criminal class of fatherless, feral youths in our large cities who commit the most atrocious crimes on a daily, hourly basis, so adding more kindred spirits into this lethal mix is not a particularly great idea. The incident of the Somali cop who killed an innocent woman is all over the place and the news media is going bonkers trying to frame the story away from the reality that an individual with a probable IQ of less than room temperature was given the responsibilities of prudent law enforcement.

And as might be expected, the individual in question failed.

The following post from Steve Sailer, accompanied by some well-observed comments, tells the story fairly well.

The temptation to twist this into a specifically Muslim incident is understandable but that would be somewhat misleading overall.  A close study of Mr Noor (see his participation in "black lives matter" protests) paints a more complete picture of his mentality which doesn't seem particularly Muslim influenced. He didn't shoot this woman while yelling some jihadist shout; he killed her because of his lack of prudence, short temper, probably poor training, lack of self-control and - yes - arrogance and stupidity combined.  Such things could be ascribed to lots of people, not just imported Muslims.  He claims he was "startled" when he shot this woman.  Startled by what ?  He offers no answer to that.  In fact he is not talking at all about the incident.

Most likely this story will soon die down and join the many others in the Memory Hole.  It will resurface when another such atrocity occurs.  But if we as a nation are going to have a sense of self-preservation we have to realize that there are some people on earth who cannot mix with others and live in harmony with them.  It is what it is and we cannot change human nature.  We can be compassionate and helpful, yes.  But we must not voluntarily commit suicide.

If that means cutting back on importing more unassimilable people then that is what it will have to be.


Kathleen1031 said...

Agree with you 100%. It is unfortunate that we seem to have a large faction of the US who feels the opposite. They haven't met a culture they didn't like more than ours, and they seem quite willing to turn us into a Third World Hell Hole. These self-destructive ignoramuses are legion.
We would need to say "THIS group we want no more of", and to these PC nuts, that is unthinkable, and even in circles where people know this to be the best course, we are way behind the curve in even broaching it. But we must!

Anonymous said...

There isn't so much a large faction of America that believes we should let more people who don't look like us into this country. The problem is that the (((Sanhedrin))) has been allowed to set up shop in this country and push around the native white Europeans. They are the main proponents of the destruction of the US as a country founded by whites for whites. It won't go away until they are encouraged to return to their brethren in Israel.

Lepanto said...

The average IQ of Somali's is 68. This police officer may, of course, have a substantially higher IQ than that average but then again, maybe not. Those with IQ's below 71 but above 54 are classified as suffering 'mild' mentally retardation. Those with IQ's between 71 and 84 qualify to be described as 'borderline intellectually functioning'. People with low IQ's are obviously fare less likely graduate high school, are very unlikely to graduate college, so are far less able to gain and retain employment and so are much more likely to live 'off the state' or from the proceeds of criminal activity. The US is importing thousands of lifelong dependants.

Linda Zentner said...

Godparents of one of my sons moved, in the late '70's, to a state in the USA into which *the virus* was injected by the former Pres. Back then it was a place they could raise their children because the Dad found a promising new job. Now it's a horror. My girlfriend cannot even do something as simple as walking the road to a shoppe, or try on a new ensemble in a major department store and be safe. The political correctness also muzzles her there.

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