Monday, July 24, 2017

Pope Francis wants women to have breast cancer??

It would seem so, if the rumor mill is accurate which states that he wants his Modernist toadies to "reinterpret" Humanae Vitae.  Frankly, I never though HV was all that strong and forceful an encyclical as it could have and should have been.  But it was better than nothing and probably did some good among wavering Catholics.

But if the rumor is true, and the Pope is really going to liberalize the Church's teaching on the sin of contraception, then aside from the fact that he is opening the doors of Hell even wider to receive more inhabitants he will also be encouraging a practice that can lead to a terrible cancer among women. Competent, believable studies show a link between use of The Pill and breast cancer, studies which we might expect a Pope to be aware of.

So if this Argentinian Bull is going to go charging into the china shop on this issue we can expect more chaos, chaos which will exacerbate that already caused by his malignant Amoris Dementia.

Is Francis still riding his "breeding like rabbits" hobby horse ?

I wonder if this cagey old devil enjoys the chaos he causes.  The misery.  The discontent and anxiety. The destruction of the Faith in the hearts and minds of simple people.  The demographic catastrophe that is already in full swing and will get even worse, if one can even imagine such a thing.  Only some kind of monster would bring such destruction to Catholicism.  No schism of old, no unity-destroying heresy of centuries past can hold a small candle to the bad effects caused by this man (and his yelping chorus of idiots and queers).

Yet God still sees fit to punish us severely with this papal nightmare from which there seems to be no awakening.  Even the two or three sensible things Francis has done cannot undue his designs to transform the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church into a laughable farce.  Our efforts therefore would seem to be to go on our knees before God and beg Him, beg Him, to rid the Church of Francis and everyone like him.  Perhaps I am only dreaming that God would, in one fell swoop, end this malignancy.  He usually doesn't work that way.

We have our prayer work cut out for us.  Obviously.  God is all-merciful and He will act.  And God's mercy is not Francis' mercy; God's mercy is just and true: it is not the libertine "mercy" so fancied by the current regime.  If we keep in mind at all times and always rely on God's true mercy we will hopefully be able to navigate through the swamp which Francis swims in.

I hope he ponders his planned "re-thinking" Humanae Vitae as some women die in agony from their Pill popping or lose body parts in an effort to stop the cancer.  To our "woman-empowering" Pope: are you OK with that ?  Or is your pomposity so great that it doesn't protrude itself upon your intelligence ?

My money is on his General Custer-like war plan: he will charge ahead come what may.


M. Prodigal said...

Not just cancer either. But birth control pills also may have an early abortifacient property as well. The promotion of contraception leads to promiscuity and abortion as well as fornication and adultery. No doubt about that. It is all demonic. The masons once said that the evil one would one day rule in the Vatican; it could be that this day has come.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, M. Prodigal, for the comment. You are right to point out the abortifacient issue here. I cannot even begin to imagine the chaos that will come down on the Church if this "revision" actually happens. It could be the last straw, the nadir, the final collapse. If the Pope tells Catholics they can officially contracept I cannot see how that new "freedom" could ever be undone without a major schism, one even worse than the one with the Orthodox.


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