Monday, July 10, 2017

Modern Men Anonymous

A new organization which needs to be officially started is the MMA, or Modern Men Anonymous.  If started it will be dedicated to freeing today's men from being the wimps they are in danger of permanently becoming.

A Ten-Step program for this organization could look something like this:

1.  Unless you enjoy having your manliness (and intelligence) insulted, stop going to current movies, most of which show men as evil ninnies or ineffectual lame brains.  Or dumbbells who have to be saved by Super Woman.

2.  Turn off the TV.  If you absolutely must turn it on, watch a classic film or TV show which depicted men as real men and had real men play the parts.  [Note:  I do not consider Leonardo di Caprio  or Benedict Cumberbun (or whatever the heck his name is) to be masculine in any sense of that word.  Most of today's male actors are store mannequins with movable arms and legs.]

3.  Get on your knees every day for some healthy prayer, like the Rosary.

4.  Start making some manly noise where it counts; like the court of public opinion.  When some effeminate clown disparages manhood speak up.  Watch their eyes bulge when you voice your disagreement.

5.  Meet your government "representatives"(sic) eyeball-to-eyeball when they try to legislate some anti-family nonsense, giving them a quiet, yet firm opinion about why they are dead wrong.  [Trust me: they don't like being confronted in this way by a man....and it is fun to watch them wilt when you do confront them.]

6.  Rejoice in the epithets that will be flung at you: "divisive", "uncaring", the usual blather.

7.  Defend your families and your homes, with deadly firepower if necessary.

8.  You be the breadwinner, and let your dear wife be the home maker and nurturer.  Yes, the second car and nice vacations and such like may have to go, but it's time to start reasserting the sensible family structure.  When they grow up your children will be forever grateful you did it this way.

9.  If you are a Catholic learn your Faith, not from vapid and poorly-formed priests, but from some good priests (they are out there) and, equally importantly, by reading great Catholic thinkers.

10. Once armed with this knowledge of Catholicism, another eyeball-to-eyeball meeting, this time with your Bishop, will definitely be in order.

I am sure this list can be added to a lot.

The loss of manhood, or the hiding of manhood, is one of the worst disasters to have hit mankind in the last century.  I needn't point out what this contempt for manhood has brought us to.  It has brought us to this, in case you need to be reminded:

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