Thursday, October 1, 2015

Syria: what now?

I was going to begin this piece by warning readers to prepare for a full 24/7 propaganda campaign to be unleashed soon in order to confuse people about the current situation in Syria.  Before even finishing the draft on that first sentence the campaign had already begun, even, amazingly, before a single Russian plane was in the air.

As simply as I can state it, here is what is going on in Syria.  For over two decades Washington and Tel Aviv have had a hit list of countries Tel Aviv wants destroyed.  The list included Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria.  After Iraq and Libya were destroyed there remained only two major countries that stood in the way of the "Alliance".  Fighting in Syria began in earnest in 2007-2008 by using a US-created battering ram, aka ISIS, to do the preliminary work of destruction, murder and mayhem before US forces could move in and finish the job of destroying the country and ousting Israel's enemy, Bashir Assad.  In 2013 the time was considered right to step in.  A propaganda campaign (later proven false, of course) accusing Assad of using chemical weapons on his own people went into full swing.  Everything was ready to go, the US planes were about to depart.

Then something happened.  A Pope called for a day of fasting and prayer to stop the destruction of Syria, and a world leader stepped in to call America's bluff by convincing Assad to destroy his chemical weapons cache.  Suddenly, the war plans ceased.  I leave it to readers to determine who and what stopped several belligerent countries from demolishing innocent Syria.

Furious, the US decided on revenge to get back at the nation that they believe stopped their war on Syria,  A few months later, in February of 2014, a coup was staged in Kiev on the border of Russia and a pro-US puppet and oligarch was installed.  This CIA coup has wrecked the relations of many countries in the area, and engendered hatreds and suspicions on all sides.  Mission accomplished.

But Syria, then Iran, were still on the hit list.  ISIS, flush with money, American weapons and sophisticated training, went berserk.  Beheadings began, some real, some staged.  Low information citizens were buying into this, allowing their patriotism to rule over their common sense.  So the war drums beat again against Syria, thanks to the utter confusion created by a worldwide media which, I never tire of reminding people, is owned by essentially six or seven people, working hand-in-glove with the government.

ISIS horrors were becoming so blatant that people were demanding that it be crushed.  So, with the situation now ripe, America and Israel began bombing in Syria, without informing Syria, indeed ignoring the Syrian citizens with contempt by just showing up with their bombs.  (To get some idea of how the Syrians reacted to such arrogance imagine Chinese jets flying over Texas to bomb the locals, without being asked.) Why did they move on Syria now?  Because it was becoming clear that the Syrian army was making tremendous strides in crushing ISIS.  So the American and Israeli planes started to bomb....but not ISIS; they bombed Syrian army installations, civilian infrastructure and civilians.  After nearly 2,000 claimed sorties over Syria by the US, ISIS was growing stronger and Syria was being essentially demolished.  The ISIS supply lines were left intact, interestingly.

It was becoming clear that despite the successes the Syrian army was having in crushing ISIS, it was still not enough.  So the Syrians called upon and invited their long-time ally Russia for help. Before Russia would respond however, it had to get authorization from its parliament. Additionally, Russia invited the USA to work with them and the Syrian Army to crush the terrorists.  Washington flatly refused.  At the UN on Monday Vlad Putin once again called on other nations to help crush the villains but under pressure from the US, many sat timid and quiet.  So Russia, at the request of Syria, decided to act.  Yesterday, their planes began going after the ISIS monsters in earnest.

Washington was aghast.

Last night I was beginning to put these thoughts together in preparation for a post when I realized the full propaganda campaign was already in full swing.  The swiftness was breathtaking.  "Russia is targeting civilians", "Russia's efforts are doomed", "Russia is making it worse", etc. How the world media can turn on a dime instantly like that, and almost at the same moment, is further indication of the collusion between those six or seven media giants and the Empire.  The tragedy is that many good people are going to buy into this, using their emotions instead of their heads and allowing their patriotism to trump their critical thinking.

The mendacity of the government/media complex is a sight to behold,  There are, however, saner heads out there who can help:


Those two brief articles are very useful and can help counteract the Obamunists as they misinform, misdirect and throw fog in the faces of our fellow countrymen.

Writer Patrick Foy makes an interesting point:

"As for ISIS, the Sunni crazies, funded by our other "allies", the Gulf states, all you really need to know about how serious the U.S. was in destroying ISIS can be found in a casual remark by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter at the end of an article in the NY Times last Thursday, September 24th. White House Says President Obama and Vladimir Putin Will Meet Next Week. Here's the paragraph at the end of the article:

At a news conference with the Ukrainian defense minister at the Pentagon, Mr. Carter expressed worry that Russia may use its military buildup to indiscriminately attack Syrian rebels who oppose Mr. Assad, a move he compared to “pouring gasoline” on the war there.

In other words, attacking ISIS is not a good idea, according to the U.S. Secretary of Defense. We all know that Washington is the world's expert on "pouring gasoline" into explosive areas of the world. And by the way, how do you indiscriminately attack an organized army of terrorists? Sounds difficult. Talk about obfuscation! My point is, Obama is irrelevant, except in his capacity as a front man." 

There is grave danger ahead, though.  Since the US refused to join with Russia, Iraq, Iran and others to stamp out the ISIS pestilence, Russia asked them to get their planes out of the skies over Syria (where they were never invited to be anyway) and let the serious people get the job done.  America refused.  They then offered to coordinate information between Syrian Army intelligence, Russia and allies, and the US.  The US, at the time of this writing, also refused that. So there is potential for something really bad to happen here.  Israel swaggered in warning everyone that if any bombs enter their space they will retaliate.  Amazingly, as if on cue, a mysterious explosive appeared just inside the Israeli "border", and then Israel flew in and bombed some Syrian Army staging area.  With two irrational, sociopathic people like Mr Netanyahu and Mr Obama at the switch anything can happen. Keep praying.

Muslim Shi-ites and Christians under Mr Assad have been extricating radical Muslin Sunnis like ISIS from their once-peaceful land for nearly a decade.  They have had successes, but at a terrible cost.  Now they have a powerful friend helping them.  Let us see what happens.

The fact that John McCain is becoming unglued over Russians eliminating ISIS is certainly telling, if nothing else:


Pat Buchanan weighs in:



Anonymous said...

I see that Bibi the Jew is holding his breath, stamping his feet and giving the "death stare" before the delegates at the U.N. today.
Sorry, Bibi. Most people are on to you and the tricks of the tribe.
Go back to stacking gold. It is what you people do best.

aly said...

Aged parent, You have outlined and summarized this awful, arrogant, sinister, sin-ridden, horrific,foul criminal fiasco brilliantly. Counterfeit Israel is the Devil, the US devil possessed.

FLOR solitaria said...

AP, how did this clown get here ? He is ruining the comments section with his silly screaming.

Aged parent said...


I tried one of those Google translations of what this person was saying and couldn't make heads or tails of it. But from the few words I could pick out it does seem incoherent.

At first I thought it was spam, but apparently it isn't.

Anonymous said...

dear blogger,

please be so kind to read your mail for understand the comments above published.
thanks in advance

FLOR solitaria said...

I speak a little Italian, so I understood that he was accusing some people of different crimes, but the subject of Burlesconi and others like him were completely beside the point of the article. So I assumed he was just deflecting.

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