Friday, October 9, 2015

Making the Catholic Church a laughingstock

That, I'm afraid, is what Pope Francis' streamlined annulment Motu Proprio has accomplished. Even a world that hates the Church always had a grudging respect for its consistency of teaching. That went right out of the window in the 1960s and has so degenerated to the point that we are now where we are, a confused, demoralized and lifeless body of people who do not know what they are doing anymore.

To ice this mouldy cake Francis offers a Motu Proprio that will make a bad situation infinitely worse, and the world will laugh at the whole sorry spectacle.  They will now see that they were right about Catholicism all along. It was a sham.

Those who might have had one toe in the Tiber will back off thinking, "why bother?"  The Church will now become more or less exactly like the church they may have been wanting to leave.  "I thought they were going to challenge me to attain something higher", the prospective convert might have thought, but apparently not.  "These clowns who are running that show can't be taken seriously anymore".  Unfortunately people can deduce from what they see.  They see a Church that is merely an object to be laughed at.

That is what they will think, sad to say.

That is why the Church, hated, reviled yet respected for 2,000 years, has been reduced to being the butt of rude jokes, nasty insinuations and weakness in the face of the aggression of its enemies.  It has lost the world's respect and is fast becoming nothing but a joke, something amusing to reflect on and then be quietly forgotten.  It is irrelevant.

There are many excellent essays on this disastrous Motu Proprio available on the internet so I can do no better than to refer readers to those.  For my part I am trying to somehow in my own small way, put my finger in the leaking wall to keep the water from flooding the basement.  I'm trying to convince any non-Catholic readers that this situation is not normal and that it cannot last - but that there will be severe damage done before this all ends.  There are those who have stated that if this Motu Proprio stands unchallenged it could essentially destroy the Sacrament of Matrimony.  It wouldn't take much to make that pillar of stability fall; one little push from a papal finger could do it.

I ask these non-Catholic readers and friends to realize that the Church, because it was founded by Christ, will not fail in the end.  The last two thousand years should have made that clear.  But it doesn't make sitting helplessly by watching its Crucifixion any easier to take.


Vox Cantoris said...

Imagine how Joseph Schiambra and Alan Yoshioka, the first being once a man trapped in the gay lifestyle, occult and pornography and the latter an gay acivist, who now have completely come to Christ and work in His vineyard for souls, must feel.

Or those who have crossed the Tiber through the Ordinariate only to find what they left.

God help us, please.

Anonymous said...

The Dalai-Lamasization of the Catholic Church

Damask Rose said...

I don't think I have ever felt so embarrassed to be a Catholic as I am now.

My worry with this Annulment Motu Proprio is that due to the shortage of priests, and the permissibility that Bishops can delegate their powers to others, is that the laity will (of course) be marrying each other, divorcing each other and then granting annulments to each other. That clerical, I mean priests and not deacons (though I understand that deacons can be on the Tribunals) input will be minimal.

Keep up the good work Aged Parent, you've written some great posts just reading and scrolling through :-).

Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M. said...

Aged One,

Your points are well made. "Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh." (Matthew 18:7)

Let us not forget, though, the effects of grace and its absolute necessity in the process of conversion and perseverence. Saint Dismas looked at the pathetic figure of our Lord (yes, pathetic and asked for a place in His Kingdom. He did not have the benefit that the Centurion had, of witnessing the calamities at Our Lord's death and his crying out "with a loud voice" — which the Centurion would have known to be impossible for a victim of crucifixion when he is about to die.

Saint Dismas saw in the bloodied, bruised, and despised Jesus, not "a worm, and no man: the reproach of men, and the outcast of the people" (Ps. 21:7), but the very King of Kings, the Son of God, and the Savior of the world. That was the Grace of God working on a soul of good will.

The Church is bloodied and humiliated today by Her enemies, external and (mostly) internal, but her unity, holiness, catholicity, and apostolicity are still to be seen for all who have good will. Supernatural faith, a gift of God's grace, is the key.

Samson said...

How could anyone ever be "embarrassed" to be Catholic??! We should no more be embarrassed today at the sight of what has been predicted for two thousand years, then to be embarrassed than at the sight of a bloodied, mortified Christ walking the Via Dolorosa.

If you want to feel ashamed, feel shame for the millions of Protestants who abandoned the real Church, and the prideful Orthodox who did the same. Feel terrified for those souls and for the souls of their counterparts who have intentionally entered our ranks to try to destroy us all.
And lets not forget the Moneychangers who are usually found to be behind every evil on earth.

Man emotions to feel, but embarrassment is not one of them. Buck up, Damask Rose! We are the good guys and we get to win! Remember?

Brian - said...

As one of those converts I can attest the great suffering that comes from altering relationships and beliefs into which I was born. We converts deal with conflict over fundamental beliefs that go to the core of who we are and how we relate to spouse, children, parents, lifelong friends. These are altered, possibly destroyed, and the edifice of family beneath which those beliefs acted as support must be sustained and / or rebuilt.

How does one get from there (outside) to here (inside)? It is not easy for a Cradle Catholic to understand. For me it took literally decades of struggle with my conscience with no support, (no catholic friends at all and lots of anti-catholic bigotry) to guide me but the Still Small Voice.

I can guarantee you that muffins and cupcakes and rainbow ponies would have ended my struggle to Truth quickly, dousing the flame of inquiry. What attracted me was just what you said here. Solid, stable doctrine that has 2,000 year roots with lineage to Christ Himself. In brief, it was Pope Benedict XVI who caused my conversion. No band to back him up, lights or fireworks to announce his entrance. He just quietly spoke into the microphone the same truth that all Popes and Shepherds since Peter have all said. Simple. Pure. Power. From Jesus.

What holds me here now? Those faithful departed in heaven encouraging me on. And STUNNING videos like this, (courtesy of 1P5):

...... Tears. Yes, there will be those now and in heaven as well.

Great article.

Damask Rose said...

Dear Samson

Thanks for your reply.

Perhaps I should clarify. By my embarrassment, I mean that it is cringe worthy for me to see bishops and cardinals at this Synod so besmirch the Church and her doctrine right in everyone's face. In a sense I'm ashamed that, as you mention the Protestants and Orthodox, and let me add to that list, the atheists and righteous, those of other faith. That these people may not convert because the Church may seem to be embracing sexual filth or that by not remaining true to perennial teaching that those who would possibly convert only end up mocking the True Church.

I'm embarrassed at what these prelates are doing to the Church for the whole world to see.

Damask Rose said...

God bless you, Brian.

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