Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shut the mess down, Francis

Exasperation with the incompetence, servility and treason on vivid display in the Synod compels us, Catholics who understand the Divine origin of their religion, to demand that this whole ridiculous and dangerous farce be shut down without delay.  Nothing can save this Synod short of Divine Intervention, and to be honest I do not see us being worthy of such an intervention.  On the contrary, God in Heaven would seem to be wanting us to stew in our own juice for awhile.

This misbegotten Synod has already caused the gravest of scandals, not only among Catholics but the rest of the world as well. Non-Catholics marvel at the implosion of the Faith now on display before their eyes.  All the respect they once had for Catholicism is melting away like ice cream on a July afternoon.  Little ones are being scandalized - and I'm sure I needn't warn you Fathers of what happens to those who scandalize Christ's little ones.

The vexation you are causing the faithful is shocking.

"Fathers, provoke not your children to indignation, lest they be discouraged."

It is a form of spiritual torture that you Synod Fathers are inflicting upon a bleeding and suffering Church and the children of the Church.  I cannot see any good coming out of this, barring a miracle of Grace.

There is an internet call/petition for a massive walkout by the sensible Synod fathers in order to send a message to the Pope that this whole charade is irredeemable.  It is an interesting and well meant suggestion but I am not convinced that is the best way to handle this (though I can well understand many wishing to sign it).  I would think that if no one can convince the Pope to end this idiotic Synod the good prelates should stay in like good soldiers and fight it out.  I doubt such a walkout would have any effect whatsoever in any case. Moreover, if the good Bishops were to leave it would merely make it easier for the Roman Wreckers of the Rainbow Reich to have their way. They would most likely welcome such an exodus of serious Catholics.

Perhaps I am trying to stand up and stop a tsunami but my advice would be for the whole thing to be shut down.  Rather than a massive walkout, if the true Catholics there cannot convince the Pope to stop this careening train they should resign themselves to staying and fighting to the bitter end.

In any case the time to speak in nice diplomatic terms is now over, Holy Father.  In the interests of the Church I ask with all sincerity that you shut down this monstrosity before the entire Faith is engulfed.  Feed your sheep, Francis; don't leave them to fend for themselves.

[Since the Pope is unlikely to even see this plea, let alone consider acting upon it, we continue to pray and hope]


Anonymous said...

Non-Catholics should "marvel at" the history of their heretic religion being played out in front of their eyes. The fact that THEIR OWN are behind all this should make them drop to their knees with sorrow and shame. This absolutely NOT a case of stupidity except for the theologically challenged Novus Ordo crowd. The treasonous instigators and their Argentinian born Italian master of ceremonies know full well what they do. That distinction is often lost.

God bless all.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought; Jorge Bergoglio is to the Catholic Church what Mikhail Gorbachev was to the Soviet Union!

aly said...

It is scarier than a Halloween Horror Show and as Misconceived.

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