Monday, October 5, 2015

Don't you love it?

Don't you just love it when you read headlines like "I'm gay and I'm against gay marriage", like one I read recently?  Do the folks who report on such stories ever think to ask themselves a question: Why are we reporting this?  Have we really thought this through?

Think about what has just been implied by that headline.

What has been implied is that, here is a sensible man, supposedly "born that way", who is against the evil that has just been thrust upon us by five black-robed sociopaths.  We are being asked to, one supposes, admire the person who made that statement.  This is what happens when we acquiesce to one little point made by these unfortunates.  They have convinced us that there is truth to the absurdity that one is "born that way".

How easily we enter dangerous waters.

What that man should have said, if he were completely honest, would have been this: "I am committing acts of unnatural vice which I have no intention of giving up, but I'm still not comfortable about allowing two queers to get 'married'."

When we start adopting their language and phrases we have lost.  When we use phrases like "sexual orientation" or words like "gay" to describe this atrocious behavior we have lost the argument.  We have conceded ground.  We have accepted defeat.

We have been manipulated.

So if you are weary of conceding battles to sodomites, in the next few weeks when you hear prelates and pundits use these words and phrases, why not call them out?  They are liars or cowards or indifferent.  When Cardinal  Kasper and crew tell us sex perverts are "born that way" go to the comboxes - but be prepared to defend your position not only against the usual miscreants, but your Catholic brothers as well, all too many of whom have bought into this mind-altering language. In the next two weeks we will be drowning in this malignancy.

Let's face it: there is nothing gay about sex perversion.


A Daughter of Mary said...

This is an older post but I like it a lot. I agree. Let's use the English language to speak the truth.

You know, when revolutionaries ride those tanks into the city for the first time, they first take over the radio/TV station. He who controls the airwaves controls the mind. Same with the sodomites' take over of our language. NO MORE.

Next time anyone says we must love gays and walk with them, ask them if they can picture just what 'gays' do to each other. Watch 'em squirm!

Aged parent said...

Good points, Barbara. They do need to squirm.

Anonymous said...

My response to born that way:
If original sin is inherited, it follows that the disorders arising because of that sin can also be inherited.

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