Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The fruits of ten generations of bastardy

Once again four young blacks committed a heinous series of crimes against a white man, a retarded white man in this case.  This kind of thing is so common, so every day, that we are numbed.  We no longer have the strength to express outrage.


The barbarity so common among so many of our black fellow Americans has become so open that far too many simply take it for granted.  It happens.  Get over it.  So they tell us.

Yet no on wants to look this problem squarely in the eye.  The problem is simple.  For umpteen generations, young blacks grow up in houses (I hesitate to use the word "homes") with no father. Bastardy is the problem. A strange matriarchal-type society which produces soulless, brutal monsters incapable of empathy and even simple human compassion.  Black women, even successful, working black women, will entertain dozens of black men and the bastards that are born from these unholy unions will go on their own way with no guidance, fraternize with other bastards and soon find themselves committing violent offense before they are fifteen years old. The mothers don't really care how the children grow up. The lazy and shiftless "fathers" are long gone having been replaced by a new "baby daddy" who helps bring into the world other children destined for jail, barbarity or death.

Some years ago I was at an auto parts store in a rather scary part of town and as I was talking to the clerk, a friend, he pointed out to me this outlandishly overdressed dude, complete with gold dangling from every inch of his body, expensive attire and the jaunt of a carefree layabout.  "You know what his line of work is?" asked my clerk friend.  No, I answered.  "His 'job' is getting umpteen females pregnant and then he splits the child support check with them.  Every month, like collecting the rent, he visits all the gals and takes his cut.  He lives very well."  True story, and only one of thousands in my city alone.

Sane people simply are unable to grasp how these people actually live, and prefer to live.  They need no jobs.  Taxpayers supply half their rent, 90% of their energy bills, 100% of their medical/hospitalization needs, ALL of their food, even their shiny new Obama phones.  Why work? And given their well-known allergic reaction to steady work this is a disaster that has produced violent crime, rioting and every manner of insanity.  It also provides the Democratic Party with a reliable voting block, but that's a story for another day.

Yes, some black folks wrench themselves out of this horrible way of living and turn into productive citizens.  Given the circumstances this is almost miraculous.  But these good people are out there.

But I put another case to you.  Also far from uncommon.  My daughter works in a government job where most of the employees are, of course, black, and most of them black women.  She is on good terms with one of these black women, a woman who has two illegitimate daughters already. One day this woman was lamenting to my daughter about the dysfunction of black families; she was sick to death of the murders, the car-jackings, the robberies, the riots, the whole mess. Finally, thought my daughter, a woman like that reflecting seriously on a terrible problem.  About a week later this never married woman went out to lunch with my daughter and happily proclaimed her latest pregnancy.  To her it was the most natural thing in the world to have another child with no father.

Bastardy.  That is the problem

So how does one break a cycle that has been going on in America since the 19th century?  I have no idea.  Some will answer: convert them.  I'm for that, but how do get into a serious talk about such things with a fourteen year old conscience-less bastard who has just committed his fourth murder and is proud of it?  Where do you begin?  How could one even begin to communicate with such a person?  What starting point could be chosen?  What common ground could be found? I have come to the unhappy conclusion that only God can solve this problem.  It wont be solved by education (many do not want to be educated). It will not be solved by throwing more money at the problem.  Only God can solve it. How He will solve it I don't know.

Another true story.  A number of years ago I had joined in the petition drive to recall our two disgusting Senators for their support of partial-birth abortion.  Each of us was to take a certain area and go door-to-door to gather signatures.  I choose a black neighborhood - not the worst one because I wanted to come back home alive but a less chaotic one.  I spent weeks in that area. To my delight and astonishment I received many signatures from black folks.  Lots of them were not even aware of what these two senatorial creeps were up to but when it was explained to them they signed.  Quite a few of them.

There is a goodness and a simplicity in these people which was proven by their reactions to the petition drive.  There is something there that can be built upon.  Unfortunately we have a Catholic Church that is more dysfunctional than the average black family so any help from that quarter will not be coming until God in His good time flushes the Vatican sewer.  But the spark of goodness is there in black folks; I've seen it.

[As an aside, during that same petition drive I knocked on the door of a Catholic church in the area. When the door opened and after I regained composure from the marijuana fumes that flooded my nostrils the young, bearded priest told me to get lost.]

This awful, emotionless cruelty being dealt out to innocent white people by fatherless blacks must be at first recognized before anything else can be discussed.  The news media has done yeoman work hiding these crimes from the general public so don't expect those liars to contribute to any discussions.  God alone can fix this mess.  Customarily he does this through human action. Living right in this hell in a largish American city I have no idea whatsoever how it could be done but I know that God knows and will do so at some point in time.

I hope He will give us a clue soon.


Anonymous said...

Ummm . . . do you only hang out in the inner city and/or watch Jerry Springer??? If so, how about hanging out with the middle class. I know many middle and upper class black people, none of whom have loose morals, or broken up families. They are fully employed, at our soccer clubs, chess clubs, libraries, private schools, homeschool coops, churches . . . you get the point. Look around. Get out of the poor city.

Anonymous said...

And I suggest, Anon. 2:14, that you need to take off the blinders.
The illegitimacy rate among the black population is above 70%. If this does not scream "RACIAL PROBLEM", then I do not know what does.
I have worked closely with many, many black people in my area of employment for almost forty years. Their culture is fundamentally different than whites. They view everything from a different perspective. They have no problem with "my baby daddy" making a sperm donation and then flying the coop.
The crime statistics do not lie.
The prison population numbers do not lie.
Stop believing the fantasy, that TV commercials try to peddle.

There is a huge problem in the black community.

Wolverine said...

You absolutely nail it!! The most concise and truthful examination of the abomination of desolation known as black inner city culture (and hiearchy of the Catholic Church). Only God's direct intervention will purge/heal both of these demonically plagued groups.

Kathleen1031 said...

Oh, you're speaking some truth here so of course that truth is going to cause some anger. Gotta virtue signal, and any critique of the black community, even by their own, is verboten.
I work with children, and one of the saddest things I recall is a sweet urban black boy about ten years old, who came from a very troubled home, who said, when asked what he might want to do someday "I'm going to jail." When pressed as to why he thought that, he said this was what happened to his parents and that his 16 year old sister's boyfriends were a problem, and he already had to fight them when they mistreated her. He knew his future.
Yes, this is a God-sized problem and one only He can solve. White folks have thrown money at this problem, worked on education, and done what could be done. It's got to come from the black community, not that individuals can't be helped, but this is a gargantuan problem that has, as you point out, deep tentacles.

Edison Frisbee said...

We've all go to learn to check our white privilege....just like Ms. Mehiel successfully did:


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