Monday, June 12, 2017

Kidnapped and murdered by America's "moderates"

I met Dany in Beirut. 
Dany is from the ancient Syrian-Christian town of Maaloula. As a soldier in the Syrian Arab Army, he suffered a serious injury during an operation in the Damascus countryside.
This injury could leave him permanently handicapped; now Dany is getting physical therapy in Lebanon and Syria. 
Dany told me a very tragic story about his brother and relatives. 
Back in September 2013 his ancient Christian town of Maaloula was stormed by FSA militias and his brother and relatives, along with nuns from the town, were kidnapped by these "moderate" rebels. Later on Maaloula was liberated by the SAA but there was no trace of Dany's brother or relatives. The nuns also disappeared. 
Then the campaign to liberate al Qalamun mountains started. It was at this time when most of the FSA militias stated that they will be joining ISIS or Al Nusra Front, which means the captives will be handed over to those terrorists group. 
The kidnapped nuns were eventually rescued after joint Syrian-Lebanese negotiations with Al Nusra Front. 
But Dany's loved ones never came home. A month ago a group of Lebanese huntsmen found their bodies in an abandoned cave in the mountains.                                                       
                                           Read the whole article.

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