Sunday, June 25, 2017

Heather Culbert Without Borders

How noble.  How self-sacrificing.  How heroic.

"Doctors Without Borders".

"Doctors Without Borders" takes great pride in its commitment to help the helpless.  Yet its president, one Heather Culbert, goes the whole mile.  In fact she goes beyond that.  For Heather there are no borders, no limits.  Not even the border of simple human decency is one she will not tear down.  For you see, Heather is an abortionist.  And, obviously, one of the rankest hypocrites in modern times, posing as a great humanitarian while chopping up infants in the womb.  Apparently Doctors  Without Borders don't help all the helpless.

The Noble One

This all came out in the recent case of Mary Wagner who, in what her lights told her was an appropriate response to this slaughter, has defiantly ignored the draconian Canadian laws which protect the guilty and punish the innocent, when it comes to the crime of abortion.  Whatever the wisdom of Miss Wagner's approach to this serious problem of the self-extermination of the human race it cannot be denied that at least one flagrant hypocrite has been revealed to the public.

Donate to "Doctors Without Borders" ?  I don't think so.

Heather's face, hardly one to make a male's heart go atwitter, is an interesting study in contradictions. There is something half-crooked about that smile that does not inspire confidence.  But I'll leave those musings to others.  As for me, if she was presented to me as a blind date I'd suddenly remember an appointment elsewhere.

So how does Culbert in her own mind reconcile her work with "Doctors" and her more lucrative work as an exterminator?  By getting real nasty with those who point out the great contradiction in her life.

Such is the dreadful mindset of Heather Culbert.


father Peter de Jong said...

What has been said with respect to the radiance of the face of this female doctor, I immediately recognized after having looked 10 seconds at her picture, also the stand of her lips: very revealing. The smallest detail in the face of a human person reveals everything about her or his inner life. God bless, Father Peter de Jong

Aged parent said...

Thank you for your comment, Father, and for visiting the blog. Your observations are fascinating.

With every good wish during these days of insanity,
aged parent

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