Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Council of the Craven Pledges Allegiance to Their Lord

Lifesite News informs us as the usual gang of cowards, idiots, boot-lickers, time servers, flunkeys, oily reptiles, queers and trucklers, also known as the College of Cardinals, have abased themselves once again by a typically revolting display of base servility.  Gosh, what a surprise !

Notice they pledge allegiance to Francis, not the Catholic Church and all She teaches and believes.

This getting more than comical; it's like watching the Titanic Band playing while the ship is sinking fast.  It's sad to see George Pell's name among these characters (I once held out some hope for him) but that is a good example of a man worrying more about his career than the Church he allegedly serves.  It is not surprising to see such stink weed as Maradiaga and O'Malley on the list.  They would slit their grandmother's throat for a few shekels.

Of course this is yet another distraction from the Dubia which remains unanswered and probably never will until God lifts Francis out of his shiny shoes for his final appointment with Him.

While this is a laughable display of slavishness and doesn't amount to anything important I still am sick unto death watching the disintegration of the Church.

Sieg Heil !


Anonymous said...

AP, don't distress yourself. Let the string quartet play on while the deck chairs are being rearranged and varnished!
For a slightly different perspective on events, is worth reading.

sarto2012 said...

You're beginning to sound like Mundabor ... and that's a good thing!

Osusanna said...

God has to see the weeds to know where to spray the weed killer.

TLM said...

Wow! I like that Osusanna! Indeed, not only is God seeing the weeds, but showing them to all of Heaven and Earth as well!

Anonymous said...

I suspect that rather than a distraction from the dubia, it is a reaction to the first private formal correction.

With Cardinal Burke now in Guam, a second private correction is a bit hard to offer, until the Cardinal returns to Rome or the Pope goes to Guam.

I doubt that we will hear about any correction until two have been done privately, and a certain number of Cardinals and Bishops are willing to offer public correction.

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