Sunday, March 19, 2017

St Joseph has never, ever failed our family

And that is a true statement.

I have lost count of the number times either I or my family have been.helped by him.  I have not the slightest doubt that countless others can say the same thing about this sometimes neglected Saint. Why write such a short post about such a great Saint?  I just thought I'd like to mention in public print my gratitude to him.

Everyone who needs him as I do more than ever might thank him on this his Feast Day.


Anonymous said...

I have lost count of the number times either I or my family have not been helped by him.
This directly contradicts your headline of "St Joseph has never, ever failed our family.
South Africa

Anonymous said...

St. Joseph has never failed me personally, but my children have failed St. Joseph.

I have longed prayed to St. Joseph for my adult children's conversion (coming back to the Church and the sacraments) and also for job opportunities. St. Joseph always sent these opportunities, but my children failed to grasp them.

I think Our Lord Jesus is right in saying, "This kind can only go out through prayer and fasting."

Therefore I must fast. Please, dear readers, please pray for me and my family.

Marie said...

When my husband (then fiancé) and I were planning our wedding, we wanted to get married on Saint Joseph's day. The priest said okay, but no frills since it was Lent. We agreed.

Only a handful of guests were there and my husband and I did the First and Second Readings. After the wedding, we drove off to our honeymoon, leaving the guests to fend for themselves. It was the cheapest wedding if ever there was one.

Twenty-five years later, we decided to move to another city. My husband wanted a house on a hill. I wanted one on flatland, close to a church to where I could just walk. We prayed to Saint Joseph and he gave us a house one-half block from a church, on top of a hill - and the top of the hill is flat. We didn't ask for a view, but wow! the view of San Francisco Bay from our deck is a million dollar. (The view is a million, the house, not.)

And guess what - the number of our new house is 319 - March 19, St. Joseph's feast and our wedding date! Thank you, St. Joseph! We love you!

tommy said...

St Joseph is the most astonishing intercessor.Several times the prayer has hardly
left my lips when the matter was resolved.
We named our son in honour of this wonderful saint.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Claude, for catching the typo/


Anonymous said...

St Joseph saved a little baby girl called Lily from abortion in March 2015, after I prayed his novena, against insurmountable evils. I have never really thanked him or given him my trust, but now, in the approaching darkness, I am trying to entrust my family to his tender care. Please pray for all families, the dying and our mother, the Church.

Nate C said...

St. Joseph has helped me when I prayed for his intercession. Worth asking him for his prayers.

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