Wednesday, March 15, 2017

AT&T, Walmart, Coca-Cola and Toyota: Sponsors of Pedophilia

Though not news to this writer a recent article on LifeSite News once again demonstrated the glaringly obvious fact that Big Business works with Big Buggery to smash families and support noted pedophiles like our old friend, Terry Bean.

Terry Bean and friend
This corporate support for this unspeakable unnatural vice stinks to high Heaven and anyone who calls himself a human being, let alone a Christian, should never do business with any of these companies that support people like Bean and the organization he heads.  That he is not behind bars or hanging from a lamp post says a lot about the near-total degradation of America.

It was the corporations aligned with the Sodomites who rocketed into Indiana and essentially ordered the state to drop its religious protection law.  A craven Governor named Mike Pence went along with the cave-in, which should be a big clue as to what to expect from his as Vice-President.  A clueless Donald Trump supported the Indiana cave-in as well, which should also give you some clues as to what to expect from him.

The real enemies of mankind are not screaming jihadist fanatics but instead those who network internationally to utterly destroy the family (and also support jihadist fanaticism as well).  Look who supports this onslaught of sex perversion and family annihilation.  Zero in on the real villains, the manipulators, the string-pullers who finance and arrange these onslaughts.

Never do business with the promoters of this.  LifeSite names quite a few.  There are many others.

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