Thursday, December 8, 2016


In another of his impromptu homilies our new Pope has lowered the level of discussion to the sewer by referring to those who criticize presumably his actions or other subjects as practitioners of a particularly degraded form of perversion, one known to be common among homosexuals.  I will refrain from the sordid specifics since everyone by now has heard about it.

The more interesting aspect of this incident of infantilism on the part of of Pope Francis is not his vulgarity, unbecoming as it is to any man of the Church but most especially to the Vicar of Christ, but how it fits in with what is now an organized propaganda effort to censor the internet.  Those of us on the internet who discuss difficult subjects or taboo subjects knew that it was only a matter of time before steps would be taken to shut down opposing views on the net.  The only surprise was how long it took for them to get around to the task.

It began years ago but it rapidly gained steam once it became clear that world events started getting obviously, outrageously known by the Great Unwashed as creations of the Money Power to further enrich themselves, destroy the Middle Class and gain total control of every organ of power and opinion on earth.  This program picked up steam when it became clear to many that Ukraine, for example, was not a fight for "freedom" from a domineering Russia but was in fact a brilliantly-orchestrated coup by the USA and its other good friends.  As the oligarchial actions became more blatant the less the media was believed.  Elite outrage reached apoplectic proportions when their Syria murder plans were thwarted by Syria's Assad requesting Russia to help put down the attack on its people and its government.  This so unhinged the powers-that-be that the demonization of Vladimir Putin went into hysterical overdrive with a joint effort of the media and the governments of the world who were in thrall to that same Money Power.

On top of that the Elite became totally unglued when Donald Trump was elected.  Clearly the Empire needed to strike back.  And they have.

As if by magic a new "issue" came to the forefront, the issue of "fake news".  As is usual in these cases when an idea is being pushed a coordinated advertising campaign begins at once.  The opening salvos came from the Clinton Campaign which suggested - with no proof whatsoever - that the Russians were behind her loss to Trump.  Quickly picking up steam the establishment mouthpieces followed suit, especially the Washington Post which dutifully came up with a List of "fake news" sites which must be dealt with.  All of the internet toadies like Google, YouTube, facebook, etc. have all rolled out plans to counter "fake news", so that the only fake news that will be allowed will be the government/media fake news (of which there is never any shortage).  It goes without saying that Congress, and the Courts, will go along with this censoring effort.

In fact the Senate has already stepped in.  The other day the Senate unanimously passed a law, the laughingly called "Antisemitism Awareness Act" that brings legal penalties to any college student who criticizes the State of Israel.  Any pointing out of the brutality the Israelis mete out to the hapless Christians and innocent Muslims in the Holy Land will, if the bill is signed by Obama, be considered criminal carrying real penalties.  That it will soon be applied to every American and not just college kids is a foregone conclusion.  This site often points out the suffering of Christians at the hands of the Israeli occupiers.  If Google hasn't already begun to censor this blog in their search engine it will most likely be shut down or emasculated by government decree at some point.  And so will many others.

It is a classic scenario:  identify a problem, plaster it all over the newspapers of the world, make movies and documentaries about it, bring in the experts on the talking heads tv shows, enact legislation.  It rarely fails.

So the attack on "fake news" intensifies, which brings us to the curious case of Pope Francis and his recent disgusting accusations against those who air the dirty laundry of the Modernists in the Church. One way or the other he is also part of the anti- "fake news" propaganda effort with these recent remarks, which leads one to believe that he is doing the work of the same forces trying to shut down dissent. If true it does not surprise me.  We need only to look at the characters who surround and advise him to see the hand of powerful men.

It is possible to interpret the Pope's words as a mere reflection on what he reads every day in the papers though that explanation, however attractive it may be to some, is doubtful.  It is hard to shake the belief that he knows perfectly well what he is doing and is in line with those New World Order types who want revolution in every sphere of life.  Is Francis a tool or is he a willing participant?  I'm afraid my money is on the latter explanation.

As childish and indeed revolting as the Pope's latest remarks are the real interest for me is what they portend, which is that the leader of the Roman Catholic Church has become the mere plaything of the powerful.  It has happened in the Church's past, alas, but I doubt it has ever sunk to such low depths.  As tragic as it was for some Renaissance Pope to be a slave to the money-lenders of their day it is unlikely that they would have even contemplated speaking such crudities as those that trip so easily from the tongue of Francis.  They had some standards, even in their corruption.

I will not dwell on the latest Francis insults; they don't rise to the level of serious discussion.  As cheap and insulting as they are they pale in comparison to his actions, which are far more devastating. And they pale in comparison to the reflection that he may be aligned somehow with some of the more unsavory of the human creatures who skulk around the halls of power.  If such suspicions are correct then we must continue to pray (and punch) that we will soon be rid of such a disastrous papacy.  We pray for the Pope that he may come to his senses and become a glorious Pope; and we punch away through our soon-to-be-dwindling outlets of discussion so that he may become aware of the real situation in the Church, a Church that is now on life support.

Today, December 8th, is a good day for us to ask Mother to intercede for us with Father, that he may ease our punishment, at least a little.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The morning after the US election the Canadian CBC Radio aired the view of an expert, who placed the responsibility for the unexpected upset (the CBC was more biased toward Clinton than the CNN throughout the election campaign) on what he called fake news. I knew right then that the attack on the dissenters in the so called alternative media would intensify over the coming days.
Once we know, that there are unseen powers behind world events, and that the unwashed have no voice, we can easily predict our ruler's next move.
Jorge Bergoglio's moves are very well synchronized with those of the bankers and our corporate owners. Sometimes he is a half-step ahead, other times he joins an already loud choir - nothing too suspicious. I think his Humbleness is a willing participant.

He makes no secret of his dream of a united, just and peaceful humanity. At the centre of this new world order is not Jesus Christ. Instead Jorge Bergoglio enforces social justice, wealth redistribution, tolerance of everything, including evil, and political correctness instead of the objective truth, God's revelation to man. Even a fool, who claims to be a Catholic, would see this as an apostasy, a straying from the Way, the Truth, the Life.

Therefore I say that Jorge Bergoglio, a "shrewd Jesuit" (his own characterization) is a willing and enthusiastically hard-working participant in this plan for global enslavement.

Aged parent said...

Very well said, Dorota.

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