Monday, December 19, 2016

Another Sarajevo? Russian diplomat assassinated

Not good.


Anonymous said...

A low ranking ambassador, nothing to get excited about! We must ask ourselves 'cui bono'? Well, probably the Islamicists who don't want to see a rapprochement between Putin and the leadership in Turkey.
I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Putin himself sanctioned the hit. Haute Politique and all that.

Aged parent said...

Why do you believe Putin would have had him killed?

Happy Advent said...

President Putin has exhibited enormous restraint against the forces of Hell on earth which have been the US, Germany and the UK. The UK and the US have kicked their demons to the curb. Germany's succubus Merkel is already accusing Putin of election interference in an election that has not yet taken place.

Anonymous, your comment about Putin was just plain stupid.

I don't forget that Soreass Soros is still the big behind the scenes player for Satan. Just like other assassinations of the past that were meant to start a war. Or because a certain Ecuadorian president united his country with a consecratioj to the Sacred Heart. There was always a Jew (or Freemason but I repeat myself) in the woodpile. A nice juicy world war is about all turtle-faced George has left to throw at Presidents Trump, Putin and Assad. Not to mention those other meanies who gave his evil agenda the fig...UK's Brexit winners and the victorious freedom voters of Italy.

Paraphrased from a favorite prayer...

May the August Queen of Heaven, Sovereign Mistress of the Angels who has been given the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan, send her holy legions so that under her command and by her power they may drive the devils away, everywhere fight them, subduing their boldness and thrust them into the Abyss.

Anonymous said...

AP, To paraphrase Churchill's description of Russia; 'a mystery wrapped in an enigma', the same applies to Putin as he likes to surround himself with an aura of masterly mystique. I don't 'believe' Putin ordered the hit, it is a possibility, a guess based on what is happening inside Russia.
Ever since the days of Peter the Great Russian foreign policy toward the south and east has been one of hostility to Ottoman Turkey and friendship toward Persia / Iran. That is understandable given the control Turkey had over the Crimea and the Crimean Tatars. That policy abruptly changed with the formation of the Soviet state, indeed Stalin and Kemal Ataturk had a pretty cosy relationship.
If Putin's alleged mouthpiece, Alexander Dugin, is an accurate reflection of Kremlin thinking, it would appear Putin and his associates would like to form a close relationship with a semi-secularized Moslim world. Clearly that is not possible with Turkey today and its overt revivalist Ottomanism. So it would appear to be in Putin's interest, and also paradoxically within the interest of Islamists, to destabilize the current leadership in Ankara.
Many patriots and Christians in Europe and North America look to Putin as a friend of nationalism and tradition, I suspect this is a big mistake. European Russia for the past few years has experienced a massive tide of Muslim immigration. Does Putin approve? Most definitely, according to the Eurasianist 'philosopher' Alexander Dugin.
So here we are, stuck between a rock and a hard place, just like during the phony Cold War. We have nothing to be remotely optimistic about, but we must struggle on regardless.

Anonymous said...

Lies. Lies. Damn lies.

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