Monday, December 12, 2016

Bits and Pieces

Used Pantsuit Sale.  Shoppers can now purchase at reduced rates pantsuits once worn by Hillary Clinton during her recent campaign.  For a small additional charge they will be autographed.  After next year, Angela Merkel's pantsuits may also become available.

Draining the swamp?  Mr Trump, what was all that talk about draining the Washington swamp when you are looking at bottom-feeding swamp dwellers like Petraus, Woolsey, Bolton, Romney and such like to possibly be in your administration?  If that's your plan we might just as well have voted for Jeb !!!

Filling the swamp.  Pope Francis is doing a bangup job of filling the Vatican swamp with the worst sort of moral malefactors imaginable.  Message to Vatican altar boys: get out while the getting is good.

Multiple Choice Question: Pope Francis' appointing of Modernists and poofs to high office shows that he: a) is insane; b) is nuts; c) is crazy; d) has lost his mind; e) is stark, staring mad.

"Terrism" (as Mr Bush would say): ISIS crazies are butchering innocent Christians and Muslims in Syria. The Syrian army is fighting ISIS to the death.  Israel is bombing Syrian army locations. and also treating wounded ISIS terrorists.  Ergo.......

How many Catholic Cardinals does it take to ask for a papal clarification?  About four.

How many Catholic Cardinals does it take to change a light bulb?  Apparently about 200, according to one outspoken episcopal toady.

Perfect.  A Chinese billionaire wants to buy up more of Hollywood.  A marriage made in Heaven:  the Chinese are noted for making junk products and Hollywood is world-renowned for making junk.

Episcopal Logic: After an ongoing, devastating homosexual pederast scandal in the Church many Bishops, like the clown in San Diego, are now telling us how we should embrace homosexuals.

What South American country has the longest tradition of welcoming Freemasonry, and has the largest contingent of Freemasons in government, media, among the intellectuals, the Church and the elite? Argentina.

The Great Director™ Martin Scorcese, has bestowed upon the masses of the vast unwashed another of his many masterpieces, Silence.  Critics are enraptured.  Audiences, not so much.

Auditioning.  Cardinal Roly-poly Dolan of New York, perhaps surveying his future prospects, has auditioned with the Rockettes hoping for a position if his day job doesn't work out.  Of course if he lands the job the Rockettes with him will need to put on a bit of weight.

Jihad watcher Robert Spencer is busy exposing the Muslim piranhas who are running riot all over the world.  Oddly enough he never discusses who threw the meat to the piranhas causing them to go berserk in the first place.

Holy Writ:  The Washington Post has offered the highly original view that Jesus Christ did not exist, by one of the paper's writers, Raphael Lataster.  Well, that settles it, I guess.  I mean, if you can't trust the Washington Post and Raphael Lataster who can you trust?

Good Guys and Bad Guys:  Though Islam is a false religion, even a heresy as Hilaire Belloc shrewdly observed, they are not monolithic.  In a very general but not exact sense the Sunni variety are the zealots, the ones who still dream of a Caliphate.  The Shiites, on the other hand, are the peacemaker types, the ones who have defended Christians.  Need we add which of the two are supported by the Western and some Eastern nations?

The Fairies are all a-twitter over the release of a new document on priestly formation which re-iterates the Church's ban on ordaining queers to the priesthood.  Noted fairy James Martin, SJ is cautioning fellow light-in-the-loafer friends to keep calm.  He must believe it won't change things much and he's probably right.  The real shock, of course, is that the ban was still in force.  Whether or not it will be enforced is another matter altogether, of course.

According to at least one notable blogger anyone who has some sympathy for Mad Vlad Putin is one of his paid stooges.  All I want to know is where to go to get my money.  If I am going to be sympathetic to him at least I want to be paid for it !

Surveillance photo of Mad Vlad teaching his dogs to be spies
The Christians in Syria are being displaced, murdered and destroyed in Syria. Saudi Arabia, Israel and the USA are supporting the terrorists.  Russia, Islamic Iran, and Hezbollah are helping Syria's Assad fight the Christian killers.  Ergo, Russia, Hezbollah and Islamic Iran are the villains. Sounds plausible.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who got about 1 per cent of the vote in Wisconsin is demanding a recount.

Potty-mouth Pope (literally).  Is that what we are now reduced to?

I gasp in awe at the brilliant, worldwide, unrelenting, sophisticated propaganda offensive now engulfing the world with the fairy story that the Russians have manipulated the recent election.  Congress, of course, has just passed a bill which aims to penalize and/or shut down websites that are "Russian agents".  Are the traditionally dumb Americans going to buy this?

In order to better fight the Satanic influences scourging the Church one traditional Catholic religious order has eliminated the St Michael's Prayers after their Sunday Low Masses in my neck of the woods.  I'm trying to understand why this is considered a good idea.

Like the pot calling the kettle black, the world leaders of Fake News are accusing anyone who is skeptical of our elite establishment of peddling fake news.


The Obama administration has officially come out in support of drafting women into the military. Please God, if ever this floppy-eared cretin ever has to be defended by an army it will be an army made up of transvestites, buggerists and silly women.

Did any of the Hollywood celebrities actually leave the country, as they threatened, now that Trump was elected?  Unfortunately, no.  Third-rate actors, like the poor, will always be with us.

Jewish rabbis in Italy are claiming that the recent earthquakes there are God's punishment for Italy not supporting Zionism with sufficient fervor.  I am sure there that if they are a punishment the real reason can be found elsewhere.  Like on Vatican Hill?

A Catholic priest suggested not without reason that the earthquakes are a punishment for Italy's acceptance of the obscene idea of queer "marriage".  Needless to say he was quickly reprimanded by the Catholic Church.

The viewership of the games provided by the National Felon Football League is declining.  It's about time.

In Casablanca Bogart said to Bergman: "We'll always have Paris."  Did he mean this?

Dr Frankenstein is alive and well: they're making measles/mumps vaccines out of aborted children parts.  I am sure Rome has spoken out against such devilry but maybe I missed it.

Murderers' Lives Matter:

Archbishop Pio Vinto accuses the Four Cardianls asking for a Clarification of giving Pope Francis "a slap in the face".  Well, sometimes a slap in the face can wake people up.

Another of the many Bible-thumping ignorami are thunderingly agreeing with Trump that queer "marriage" is "the law of the land".  The pastor in question, Robert Jeffress, Bible waving in hand, seems to think this is a done deal.  Uh-huh.

The Government/Media Propaganda Alliance says they don't peddle fake news !  Pat Buchanan disagrees.

Francis, can we stop smelling the sheep soon?  They are beginning to stink.

The polar ice caps according to photographic evidence haven't changed much since at least 1910.  So glad I can use my lawn mower again.

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