Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What do Pope Francis and George Soros have in common?

Apparently they both want to destroy Europe as a Christian continent.

Possibly it is the naivete and showbiz shtick that makes the Pope want to do it. Who can know?  It is clear what Soros has in mind: the destruction of the last remnants of Christendom, a fanatical revenge fantasy that he has the money to possibly make happen.  Regardless of their individual motivations, Francis and Soros want to see the uniquely Catholic character of Europe disappear.

More revenge from the Soroses and their ilk; more self-annihilation from Rome.

Francis, Francis, is a swine like George Soros really the type of man you wish to emulate?

[Editor's Note: I wrote this post in late June but held back from publishing it due to some further information I was aware that was coming down the pipeline.  With the latest from Julian Assange's WikiLeaks that has now hit the fan, information we strongly suspected would be the case, we present this post, one which points out the strange ideological connection between the Pope and one of world's nastiest Jewish Oligarchs.]


Anonymous said...

Crisis Magazine is openly promoting satanism.
Read the unbelievable comments of (((some))) of the posters:

Aged parent said...

Dear Anon:

Thanks for the link. I read the article and some of the comments (I didn't have the stamina to plod through 200+ of them) but it made for depressing reading.

So much sentimentalism, so little understanding.

TLM said...

I'm so very grateful that this information has now come out in the open and being publicized presently on many prominent Catholic sites. Catholics must be aware of the true goings on in the Vatican and in our government and governments world wide. Soros is absolutely the 'Puppet Master' but is himself being manipulated by people we probably know little about. A terrifying revelation, but one that must be revealed and understood by people of faith everywhere! The Remnant has an excellent article on Soros and his involvement with the Pope and his closest advisors, detailing bullet point proof of Soros' diabolic 'handling' of Vatican 'policies'. A busy little diabolical cockroach of a man this George Soros is, and of course he has his hands in the manipulating of the 2016 Presidential Campaign as well as calling the shots on foreign policy. He's more or less a 'regular' at the White House, I understand. He is by far the most dangerous and most EVIL man in the world, and he's now controlling even the man who sits in The Chair of Peter. Can it get much worse? I don't know how.

TLM said...

Oh, and.........I actually read screen shot emails from Wiki Leaks proving he was giving Hillary Clinton point by point directions on foreign policy matters. So, in all actuality, I guess you could say that Soros was (and maybe still is) our Secretary of State and Hillary was just his 'errand girl.' Makes perfect sense now seeing as though the entire world seems to be imploding.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, TLM.

Several years ago I published here an article that indicated that the NSA, thanks to revelations from Edward Snowden, may have, I say may have, been privy to what was going on at the conclave that elected Francis. Now, it is possible that the NSA was just snooping, as they always do, and had no effect whatsoever on the proceedings. That seems plausible enough. However it is not stretching a point to believe that if the NSA was "listening in" on the conversations of certain Cardinals the information collected was/is floating around the halls of Washington, including that of Hillary the Hell Witch. And since Hillary like so many is a confidant of people like Soros it is not beyond doubt that he may have been informed.

If he was....why? The answer? I don't know. In any case here is the piece I posted back in 2013:

Mr Soros is a genuine villain, obviously, so anything he gets his rancid little hands on is sure to be corrupted. Does he influence Francis? I don't know. Maybe he does. I do know from a private source that Soros has been active in Church circles for a very long time, even predating Bergoglio. What this all means is anyone's guess. But the revelations from Julian Assange have done enormous good in this case, regardless of what anyone thinks about him.

Anonymous said...

We can be pretty certain Roncalli / John XXIII was controlled by some shadowy group, likewise for Paul VI. In fact I'm beginning to wonder if there were any popes not compromised in some way.

Aged parent said...

Well, it wouldn't be the first time in Church history we have had dicey Popes who were unduly influenced by the powerful.

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