Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Theologians of Hollywood

Consider this.

A Hollywood that has lost the ability to make a decent television commercial has remade "Ben Hur".

A Hollywood whose understanding of history is on the same intellectual level as a four year old has remade "Ben Hur", a historical movie.

A Hollywood who has shown its tremendous religious sense by making such unforgettable masterpieces as "Noah" (the one starring the guy who screams all his lines) has made another religious movie.

A Hollywood that has long since demonstrated that it is utterly incapable of telling a story has, yet again, remade a venerable classic.

A Hollywood that hasn't had an original idea in forty-five years has been reduced to "reimagining" older and better films for the very simple reason that they haven't had an original idea in forty-five years.

With this new exercise in cinematic obliviousness the movie industry gives new meaning to the phrase, "They just don't get it."

And by the way:

Who would like to bet that a Hollywood which continually laughs and mocks the styles of the past has cast a lead actor with a five-day growth of beard on his face?


Who is going to plunk down good money to see this rubbish?


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the chuckle. I was just looking at the trailer and thinking it doesn't look nearly as good as the original -- just a lot more violent. Leave it to Hollywood!

Anonymous said...

The original Ben Hur was entertaining but anything coming out of Hollywood, even during the tranquility of 1959, is poisonous to our faith and people. Tim Leary, that guru of the counter culture, said something about 'tuning out and dropping out', well we certainly need to curtail the money flow to Hollywood/CBS/ al. The only way to do that is turn off the tv set, cancel the cable contract, and stay away from any movie theater.

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