Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Man up, Mr Trump

Stop worrying about the tender feelings of sex deviates, or those "advisers" of yours who gave us Mike Pence, Peter Thiel at the Convention and all the other recent blather we have been hearing from you.

From Mike Sheuer:

Mr. Trump, you have fallen into a snare placed for you by the Republican establishment people on your team, most of the media, and by Hillary Clinton and her advisers.
The name of that trap is “complexity” and it is used by both party establishments to explain why they never solve any of the problems America faces. Oh, they promise to do so, but when they fail – and they always fail – they say it is because the problem is too “complex”, too “multifaceted, or too “nuanced”, and that it needs great amounts of time and enormous sums of money to solve. [NB: Like the “generational war” against Islam lusted for by those 50 Israel-First war-mongers who wrote you the public letter.]
Clear, commonsense, patriotic, and non-complex ideas brought you to the dance and won you the nomination, do not throw that success away by the playing the bipartisan enemy’s confuse-bilk-and-deceive-the-voters game called “complexity”.
Try the following:
Organizing Principle: AMERICA FIRST
Components of the Principle:

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aly said...

No nonsensical complexity there. Great article. Trump could win with the ones who brung him. Obeying the liars who operate the false narrative and methods will ensure his loss and our loss.

Aged parent said...

Well said, aly.

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