Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Church Groaned to find itself Francisian

I guess it is the swiftness with which the disorder and revolution in the Church is advancing that has struck not a few people, myself included.  Revolutions have slow beginnings usually and are rarely if ever spontaneous uprisings.  They are well-planned, and groundwork is carefully laid.  But at some point they enter a phase of sudden, spectacular advance, a stage which is now occurring in the Catholic Church.

The pontificate of Pope Francis is catapulting the revolution and disorder into an equivalent of supersonic speed, breathtaking, really, in the rapidity with which it is being accepted and institutionalized.  Two things seem to be at work in this Pope, an instability of mind and personality and a disgust with the Church's glorious past.  These two baneful facts will leave the Church in a state more devastated than before and are certainly the engines that are propelling this devastation.

The groundwork that has brought us to this point was laid in the mid-1800s.  It was at that time, a time of social chaos and political instability, that the "dark forces ', if you want to call them that, entered the Church by the back door.  The new theologians of the 19th century were beginning to get a hearing in Rome - slight, to be sure, but nonetheless heard by some.  These were the first crusaders of Modernism.  In the latter half of the 19th century they made great strides that, like a slow-acting poison, found their way into the Church's bloodstream.  It is no secret that a number of these Modernists had another allegiance, that to Freemasonry, and with that combination they proved to be a powerful enemy within.  It is also notable that many of these men had ties to American prelates across the sea and who shared many of their "pluralistic" views.  The Americanists, as Rome came to call them, would find themselves subject to the papal scrutiny of Leo XIII.  Historians bicker as to the responsibilities of the Popes during this period, but let it be said that a number of them did little to nothing to stop this infestation, for whatever reason.  That should be a reminder that "bad Popes" are not limited to the post-Conciliar era.

St Pius X, perhaps taking his cue from Pius IX who saw first-hand what these men were capable of, did finally act, with the help of Cardinal Merry del Valle and a somewhat "James Bondish" cleric known as Msgr Jouin, to try to eradicate this dangerous disease.  Alas, their efforts ultimately came to nothing.

The studied silence of Rome for so long on certain Marian interventions, the laxity Rome displayed as early as 1915 toward bizarre liturgical experimentation going on then, and its unwillingness to confront some basic realities, most spectacularly brought to the fore in the so-called "Boston Heresy Case" of the 1940s all combined to bring us the debacle of Vatican II and its hideous aftermath, where for all intents an purposes the Catholic Church as it had been known for twenty centuries is all but dead.

That is a strong statement.

Yes, we know the Gates of Hell will not prevail.  But that brings us to our present position, where we are staring at those Gates almost at close range, and to say that things are getting a little hot would be the ultimate understatement.

I had the unpleasant experience of having attended a typical Novus Ordo Mass recently.  If I needed convincing that Catholics have lost any connection they ever had with their magnificent past attending this ridiculous, infantile mess - not Mass, mess - would have done the trick nicely.  Since I have been writing about this in letters, articles and blog posts for nearly forty years now I needn't rehash all that here. I only mention it because whereas all the other post-Conciliar Popes had to say nice things about this decrepit Liturgy due to their positions as custodians of the Glorious Revolution of 1962-65 our current Pope prefers and extolls it. 

Well, enough of that.  All that can be added is that the recent Cardinal Sarah Incident proves that Francis and his handlers could care less about Christ and His Liturgy, preferring instead some kind of self-worshiping jamboree that would embarrass a six year old.  

The fast track to oblivion is in full swing thanks to all the incoherent ramblings of an unstable man and his proclamations, the most damaging of which is without question Amoris Laetitia, brilliantly dissected by Mr James Larson here and in the writings of others.  With that exhortation all Hell is about to break loose.  Indeed the results are already before us.  Francis has unleashed a runaway train.

Many have valiantly tried to get it through the Pope's head that he is leading the Church to schism, heresy and disaster.  His autocratic stubbornness has made their pleas, so far, fall upon deaf ears.  He is a child of the Society of Judas Jesus, of Teilhard, of de Lubac and Rahner and as such is not open to an Aquinas or a Chrysostum or certainly not an Athanasius.  As H Reed Armstrong recently noted in Christian Order:

" Pope Francis acknowledged his debt to Henri de Lubac in a recent interview with the progressive French journal La Vie (2 March 2016).(10

In the La Vie interview, the Holy Father also praised the French Philosopher Emmanuel Mounier, a disciple of both Teilhard and Friedrich Nietzsche.(11) At the same time, Francis singled out Fr. Michel de Certeau S.J. as the most eminent of all modern theologians. Fr. de Certeau is an avowed Freudian thinker and founder, along with Jacques Lacan, of the Ecole Freudienne de Paris in 1964.(12) Not only are the theories of Sigmund Freud essentially antithetical to Christian morals and Divine Revelation, Fr. de Certeau was also a vocal critic of Western Christian "cultural imperialism."(13)

Perhaps the most significant and proximate influence on the Holy Father was his late mentor and foremost promoter,Cardinal Carlo Martini, S.J.. An avowed enthusiast of Teilhard de Chardin (as stated in a 2007 Italian interview(14)), he twice championed Cardinal Bergoglio's bid for the papacy. It is Martini's view of the Church — "I recommend three very strong ones [changes]. The first is conversion: the church [sic] must recognise its errors and follow a radical path of change, beginning with the pope and the bishops" — that is now echoed in the papacy of Francis."

Anything is possible in the Church, even a Francis who could began to realize what he has done.  But because of those minds that have influenced Bergoglio I hold out no hope that he will see the misery he is causing.  That is in God's hands.

Things are moving faster now, to an end I know not where.  But that it is going to lead to the loss of countless souls I have no doubt whatever.  It is inconceivable that Our Lord has suffered so many insults for so long.  That His patience has worn thin is evidenced by the fact that we are being cursed with some or the worst Bishops in the history of the Church.

Pope Francis has said that he prefers a Church "that is bruised, wounded and dirty". With his deafening silence on moral issues, his winking at the Sex Pervert Crowd, his allergic reaction to anything that smacks of Christian piety, he has certainly created the Church he prefers.  

The Church is groaning and finding itself Francisian.


Vox Cantoris said...

Brilliant, painful and every bit of it true.

I borrowed two paragraphs with a link back to you.

God bless.


Aged parent said...

Thank you, Vox. And God bless you and your family...and your internet apostolate.

Mark Docherty said...

"Many have valiantly tried to get it through the Pope's head that he is leading the Church to schism, heresy and disaster. "

Who are they, and what happened to them?

Aged parent said...

Hello Mark:

Thanks for the comment. I was referring, of course, to recent initiatives by theologians and laymen who have written formally to the Pope to ask for clarifications. One such you will find at LifeSite News.

Mark Docherty said...

Okay, thanks. I took it to mean many have tried over the last several years. I did see the Life Site video and then of course there were the multiple petitions. Now we have the secret letter to the cardinals...

Wolverine said...

God bless you, James Larson, Vox, The Remnant, Hilary White and Ann Barnhardt for being modern day prophets who 'afflict the comfortable' and 'comfort the afflicted'!

Aged parent said...


Thank you for your kind remarks.

Mark Docherty said...

Wolverine, amen.

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