Tuesday, July 12, 2016

George Soros has some plans for America on July 15th

Those who pay attention to the behind-the-scenes manipulators of chaos know full well that Jewish billionaire George Soros (among others) is paying people to cause disruptions and riots in America. He financed the Ferguson Terror for one thing, and has been behind so many others that I have lost count.

For non-believers I offer these:



But apparently we haven't seen anything yet.  According to this article the money will be flowing to many US cities, including my own, to hold a Day of Rage in three days.  The "rage" will be the usual contingent of low-IQ blacks and gullible young white know-nothings being egged on by high-IQ orchestrators.   To my everlasting joy one of the "protests" will be occurring about five minutes from my house.

The following article has the facts.

There’s a war in America right now.  Black vs. white. Citizen vs. police officer. Race grievances have become an industry, and business is booming.
The rage is boiling over across the nation. First, videos emerged that showed the graphic deaths of two black men at the hands of police, with what appears to be no reason.  Protests erupted over these deaths, and then they became violent as one man shot 11 police officers and 2 citizens at a rally in Dallas, Texas, killing 5. That sparked a war on law enforcement officers and a nationwide spree of violence against cops. Some people are even more extreme,declaring open season on white people in general.
But it’s about to get even worse.
Read the whole article here.


Felix M said...

Why do you think Soros is doing this?

Presumably he wants Hillary the Abominable elected as President, but I'd imagine that such civil unrest would encourage ordinary folks to vote for Trump.

Aged parent said...


Mr Soros has openly admitted he is paying these people so there can be no doubt whatever. These things cost money, and somebody has to supply it. Mr Soros has stepped in to supply the organizational manpower and money to create chaos. Yes, he wants The Pantsuited One to win. There is also no doubt about that.

But you make an excellent point. It will probably help Trump. That is not to say that these intimidation tactics might not work, however. People sitting in fear in their houses is a great way to keep them from going out to vote.

Thank you for your comment.

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