Thursday, July 7, 2016

Here is why the Moral Insanity under which we suffer cannot last

We found this article very interesting on many levels and it must be said that there is much food for thought therein.

The author does not mention Catholicism, either by choice or some other reason, as the pillar upon which any kind of civilization will be rebuilt, and that is the weakest element of an otherwise very fine piece of observation and deduction.  Perhaps he has noticed the weirdness that has been emanating from the Vatican and has lost faith in the Church as a stabilizing force.  At any rate what he presents in the article is a realistic view, based on historical precedent, of what may be coming to the libertines who are now fully enjoying the power of having the upper hand.  Their victories, such as they are, are Pyrrhic victories.  They will not have these victories for very long, as the writer of the following piece points out.

Had he delved into the religious dimension of the problem more fully his piece would have been exactly on the mark.  Still it is well worth reading for its insights.

So with that bit of disagreement put aside we encourage a close study of this fascinating piece, which begins as follows:

Social Liberalism Has No Long-Term Prospects

The title of this post may come as a bit of a shock to a lot of folks who have been observing events over the past few years.  How can I say that social liberalism – by which I largely mean the homosexualism, the transgenderism, the abortionism, the aggressive feminism, and the rest of the anti-human, anti-civilisation agenda of the culturally marxist Left – has no long-term prospects?  Haven’t they been sweeping all before them?  Haven’t they successfully imposed gay marriage on an unwilling population?  What about the success in forcing transgenderism onto the military, as well as society at large?  Despite the best efforts of the “religious Right,” isn’t abortion more entrenched as “the law of the land” now than it has ever been?

The answer to these questions is, “Yes – but it doesn’t matter.”
First things first, however.  The reason cultural, social liberalism has risen to the fore in recent years is because “conservatism” has been a complete, utter, embarrassing-to-even-be-associated-with-it failure.  It’s pathetic.  There’s no getting around it.  And the reason for this is because “conservatives” are weak-minded, weak-willed, and weak-kneed.  They have no stomach for conflict, and they break the first time someone lobs a PC-conflict epithet at them.  In short, conservatives conserve nothing because they’re wimps.  They spent too many decades playing the inside-the-beltway games, and they’ve become accustomed to enjoying the crumbs the progressives throw to them.  This is why all of these DC “conservatives” can find the “courage” to rally against Trump, but not once in seven years have they ever put up any sort of substantial fight against Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, or anyone else on the progressive, SJW Left.  But sure, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee can get kudos from the National Review crowd for refusing to support their own party’s presumptive nominee, because he’s “racist” and wants to stop the Amnesty Express.
So, trusting in conservatives to “make things better” is a fool’s errand.
But back to the issue at hand.  We find ourselves facing a progressive SJW regime which appears to have almost total control of America’s government, as well as its academic, commercial, and social institutions (much the same could be said for other Western nations as well).  How can this not represent long-term prospects for social liberalism?
Here’s how.

Read the whole article.


Anonymous said...

An interesting article, but I feel he is giving too much credence to Spengler's observations. He,along with notables such as Gibbon, make the serious mistake of thinking that the eventual rise of 'Western Civilization' had a lineal relationship to the collapse of Roman imperial authority in the West. We like to think of ourselves and our civilization as the natural heir of Rome. Not so, according to Lawrence Brown in his book 'The Might of the West' (1963). The civilization that appeared in western Europe during 800-900 AD had very little resemblance to what had gone before.
His analogy to chemical reaction dynamics is interesting but again is misleading as it assumes a system which is initially far from equilibrium. The present society is disturbed but is still close to equilibrium conditions. The elites have applied many artificial stresses to the present state with the intention of reaching a new equilibrium condition. The new condition maybe 'unnatural' to us but will be reasonably stable so long as people are 'educated' to accept it and such things as energy flows etc. are sufficient to maintain the conditions the elites desire.
I wish I could be more optimistic.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Anon, for those important observations.

I agree with you. This is the general problem with all writers who write about these matters while not understanding the role of the Church in the history and maintenance of civilization.
That being said, what impressed me about the article is his making a good case that this unnatural situation we find ourselves in will, at some point, collapse of its own weight. True, more and more people are becoming accustomed to insanity but I believe that this bad LSD trip the Elites have been putting us through simply cannot go on. At some point there will be a crack in the dyke. Will I and my children and grandchildren live to see the dyke break? I don't know.

And, of course, as we know, God is not mocked forever. And, of course, when the reckoning comes it will not be pretty for any of us.

aly said...

History is fitful. God's time is not Greenwich Mean Time. I continue to contemplate while seeing the world seemingly going to Hell.

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