Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Calm before The Storm

Putting away for a moment all the distractions that are besetting us just now - presidential races, scandals, chaos and the rest - I and many others are dreading what is soon to be coming from Rome, a Rome we can no longer trust.  I refer of course to the Pope's final word, if that it may be, on his horrifying Synod of Sodomy.

More than anything else, I believe, his final statement will define his papacy and lay out for all to see what he is planning for a wounded and in some areas dying Church.  If his statement is what so many of us fear then we know that God has decided to let us, like His Son on Good Friday, drink the cup to its dregs.

We are in Passion Week now, in the month of St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church and Terror of Demons.  Passion week will conclude on St Joseph's feast day, the day we are supposed to hear the final Synod summation, or exhortation, from the Pope.  The portent of all this could not possibly be more significant.

Already that joke of a Cardinal, Walter Kasper, is crowing about the document, so we must expect the worst.  And the media is keeping suspiciously quiet about it even though they know full well it is planned for release on St Joseph's feast day.  If the exhortation from Francis is as bad as we expect it to be, and if the Vatican, in an in-your-face act of contempt, releases it on the feast day of the Head of the Holy Family then the current regime that controls Christ's Church will be spitting in St Joseph's face.

Frankly, I am simply not good enough a writer, or a Catholic, to write about this supreme insult that they are seemingly planning.  I lack the grit to write about it in the proper way; it is just too awful to contemplate that this could actually be happening.  I can only enter Holy Week, beginning after they release their document, and try to see that it is the Church hanging on that Cross now, as Christ once did.  This document, if it is what we expect, will be another nail spiked through Jesus' hand, and another jeering cry of malice towards Christ and His Church.

Perhaps Pope Francis is simply off his crumpet.  I just don't know.  That he is incoherent and inconsistent, yes. That he has the characteristics of a martinet, yes.  That he is capable of doing good if he so chooses, yes.  Yet if this document is what the execrable Kasper is hinting it will be, it - and all the other disastrous innovations of this papacy - will turn the average Catholic into the average protestant.  And it will be the end of conversions.

I wont say that my sins, my personal sins, did not contribute to God's anger,which is now being manifested in the crucifixion of His Church.


Anonymous said...

This is nothing compared to when lifts the excommunication against Martin Luthifer and faux canonizes him.

Aged parent said...

If they would actually lift the excommunication of Luther then I guess they would sink to any lever, even the gutter.

But if what happens tomorrow is what we expect they will have, in essence if not in actuality, destroyed 99% of the Church. The remaining 1% will remain. Somewhere.

aly said...

Michael Voris and E. Michael Jones Q&A (Englewood Co.) youtube. If anyone cares to listen.

TLM said...

Thanks Aly, I will.

viterbo said...

Where is the Church and what is the Faith? You dont seem to know the answer to either question.

No one who believes the Novus Ordo is Catholic and that its leaders are popes can make a Catholic defense of their faith in Christ and His indefectible Bride. You cannot uphold Church doctrine while acknowledging the Novus Ordo as the Catholic Church. The sedevacantist position can and does make an authentic Catholic defense: our Faith is in Christ as revealed to us through His Bride. To be Catholic requires valid baptism, and belief in universally promulgated Church dogma, doctrine and worship. The Church teaches absolute non-contradiction throughout Church history in the three factors mentioned. We must assent to the publicly promulgated teachings and disciplines of the Roman Pontiff - even if not solemnly declared - if it is universally promoted we must assent because our souls are safe in the hands of Christ's Bride. That is why authority in Christ is never bestowed to public heretics and is ipso facto removed from public heretics - the sin of public heresy, by Divine Law, cuts one off from the Body of Christ. As for Catholic worship, valid rites must maintain form and matter as handed down by tradition - the Novus Ordo universally revolts against the Roman Rites.  The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is visible in the Catholic clergy and flock who keep the faith and reject outright the evil of communion with the counterfeit institution which has universally promoted error. The buildings that once were Catholic now contain an institution that is the enemy of the Catholic Church. Bergoglio is no more a Vicar of Christ than the Billy Graham or the Cheif Rabbi of Jerusalem.

To tell the world that an apostate institution and its leaders speak for Christ is a sin. It is an indignity perpetrated against the Name of God - usurping His Name for falsehood is the operation of error. If people are sincere about not offending God, you must stop promulgating the lie that the Novus Ordo abomination is the Catholic Church.

Aged parent said...

Dear Viterbo,

Thanks for the comment, which is appreciated.

I have no problem with discussing the sedevacantist position with you, if you would care to. After all, the comments section is where opinions are shared and discussed.

Regarding the sedevacantist position, look at it this way. Papolaters believe the Pope is impeccable, i.e., incapable of making a mistake. So when the Pope makes a huge mistake or talks utter nonsense, because they think he is impeccable they twist and turn and try to defend his nonsense claiming that if the Pope said it it must be OK. In their minds a Pope can do no wrong.

Now he sedevacantist position is actually quite similar. They also believe the Pope cannot make a stupid mistake, so when they see a Pope doing these terrible things they think that because he is impeccable then the man saying this nonsense cannot be the Pope. In point of fact, then, both of these "camps" confuse infallibility with impeccability, which are two entirely different things.

I agree with you that numerous Popes, and Francis in particular, have skated to the very edge of heresy. That is why you are seeing more and more Bishops becoming alarmed by him and the near-lunatic things he says and does. As far as I am aware Francis was validly elected by a bunch of idiot Cardinals who either did not know any better or had an agenda (like the despicable Kasper, Schonborn, et al). It will probably take another Pope to pronounce on any invalidity in his election, if any.

Moreover, in the 2,000 year history of the Church we have had great Popes, good Popes, average Popes, mediocre Popes and lousy Popes, and yet the Church carries on somehow.

In my opinion, for what its worth, the recent Popes we have had have been God's punishment on our and my sins. I don't see any other way of explaining it. We will be forced to witness the Crucifixion of the Church because of these sins.

I am happy to exchange views with you on this topic, even though I am hardly a theologian. Your comments will always be welcome.

Until then I wish you and yours a Blessed Easter.


viterbo said...

Dear Aged Parent

I appreciate your reply. In fact sedevacantism is the only truly Catholic position regarding who a pope is and what a pope does. The Novus Ordo happily accept universal error promulgators as true shepherds (against Catholic doctrine) and the R&R have given themselves the right to disobey the universal teachings and disciplines and worship promulgated by those they claim are true popes because of their error (against Catholic doctrine also). There is no contradiction with Church teaching from the sedevacantist position. We know the men who occupied the Vatican after the death of Pius XII were not and are not popes because they have promulgated error universally - which a true pope, whatever his personal failings - is divinely protected from doing.

May God continue to give His true clergy and flock the grace to never waver into communion with belial. And by the Blood of Christ of infinite merit, which is daily offered up by true priests maintaining unadulterated Catholic altars, may God give grace of conversion away from the counterfeit to the true Church.

Aged parent said...

Hello viterbo:

Many thanks for the reply.

There is much confusion about the idea or doctrine of indefectability. Personally, I have never heard a convincing explanation of it, even including Michael Davies' magisterial effort. To posit that God will somehow make OK every defect in a priest or Bishop no matter how absurd seems to contradict common sense. For example, in 15th century Spain the Church discovered that a rather sinister priest was hearing Confessions and giving invalid absolution deliberately. He was severely dealt with when this was discovered and the Church announced that everyone who had confessed to him had to return to Confession and confess again. Since his absolution was invalid the penitents were not receiving the Sacrament. (How God dealt with those who died before this priest's evil was discovered I leave to theologians to figure out).

The same can be said about some of these crazy masses which use ginger bread cookies or Big Macs as Communion species. It is hard for me to believe that these folks are getting valid Sacraments. In any case I invite someone competent to answer these my concerns on these matters.

There is also the fact that a Pope could be in material heresy yet not overstep into formal heresy. As far as I know no recent pope, bad as they have been, has ever pronounced formal heresy. Once again, it will take competent theologians to determine that. I well understand why some may be tempted to declare the papal throne vacant, but if we pursue that to its logical conclusion we will end up at a dead end street. As I said before, let us never, ever confuse infallibility with impeccability.

Kind regards,

By the way, as a matter of interest, I once had the pleasure of meeting and hosting in my home Father Cekada shortly after he was first ordained. I have not seen him in decades but I remember him as being a very serious, thoughtful man.

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