Thursday, March 31, 2016

Presidential Revival Meeting

I'm not sure if this is a Jimmy Swaggert good ol' Camp Meetin' or a presidential campaign stop.


[Note: Not to necessarily pick on Mr Cruz, but this kind of thing makes one cringe.]

[If I was able to ever ask Mr Cruz a question I would ask him: "After your appearance last Monday at the AIPAC meeting I was confused if you were running for president of Israel or the USA?"

It was hard to tell.

Not that any of the other candidates at that meeting with the Sanhedrin were any better, mind you.]


Wolverine said...

Your blog is one of the best! God bless!

Aged parent said...

Very kind of you, Wolverine.

Anonymous said...

They were falling all over themselves at that AIPAC shindig trying to "out-jew" each other, weren't they? Not that I am ever surprised at this.
Just to show the goyim what is expected of them, they gave a pass to their own tribal member, Bernie, and not a peep was raised when he didn't show.
They are becoming so blatant in their arrogance, that one cannot stand more than a few minutes of watching any political news. From MSNBC's "Morning Jew" to Fox New's resident charmers, Chris Wallace and Charles Krauthammer, they cannot be avoided.

Steve Dalton said...

When I went to hear Cruz's father speak in East Peoria, Il., I thought I was at a revival meeting too. BTW, I strongly suspect the Cruz's may be Crypto-Jews. Cruz's grandfather came from the Canary Islands, which was a destination for Marrano's seeking refuge from the Inquisition, and Cruz is a common Crypto-Jewish name.

Aged parent said...


It is interesting that the more obvious a situation like this is, the more oblivious to it are the Christians in America.

Aged parent said...

Mr Dalton:


As for your average political candidate, especially those appealing to Dispensationalist Protestants, this sort of thing is to be expected.

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